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The doctor pointed out the cause

Doctor Nguyen Huy Hoang, Hyperbaric Oxygen Center of the Vietnam – Russia Tropical Center (Ministry of Defense) cited a study that people who had COVID-19 are 8.8 times more likely to have retinal microvascular disease than uninfected people.

Post-COVID-19 F0 are at risk for retinal microvascular disease associated with post-recovery coagulopathy.

Retinal microvascular disease needs to see an ophthalmologist soon for timely treatment, to avoid causing irreversible effects on vision. Besides the screen vision syndrome, F0 suffers from red eyes, prolonged eye pain while sick and post-COVID-19 accounting for a large number.

The main cause of F0’s painful, red eyes after recovering from the disease is the virus multiplying in the eye mucosa.

To overcome this situation, the patient can drop physiological saline. However, there are cases where F0 appears both viral replication in the mucosa and bacterial superinfection. To heal quickly, patients need to consult an ophthalmologist to use antibiotic eye drops.

In addition, many people isolated and treated at home often use phones and computers, which affects eye health. Patients who look at the screen of the phone or computer for too long will put pressure on the eyes, causing the retina to be deprived of blood due to insufficient supply. As a result, the eyes will quickly fatigue, even reduce vision.

When suffering from pain, redness, eye fatigue, people should use eye drops, artificial tears to keep the eyes from drying out, and provide vitamins for the eyes.

Patients can also use antibiotic eye drops, containing anti-inflammatory corticosteroids, should not abuse these eye drops. Basically, common eye drops do not affect eye health.

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