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Tran Hao Dan’s family is struggling in the midst of the blockade

Tran Hao Dan’s family of 8 lives in the epidemic center of Shanghai. The actor shared that the city was in a stormy time, making it difficult to buy necessities.

April 11, Sina news Tran Hao Dan and his wife Chiang Le Sa ​​shared that their life was in short supply and it was difficult to buy food in the epidemic center of Shanghai, China during the period of strict blockade.

According to Tran Hao Dan, his family currently lives in a closed residential area, all necessities have to wait for the authorities to supply them. However, the amount of food relief is not enough for 8 people, including 4 children, 2 elderly and 2 adults.

To solve the food shortage situation, Tran Hao Dan and his wife had to buy food at a price 30 times higher than usual.

“We are currently struggling to find food. Normally, I only need 50 yuan ($8) to buy enough food for the whole family. Currently, the price is for 20 eggs, 1 bag of rice, 2 tomatoes. , 2 cucumbers and 1 cabbage is 1,500 yuan (235 USD). The increase makes housewives like me scared.”Tuong Le Sa ​​shared.

Tran Hao Dan's family struggles in the midst of the blockade-1
Tran Hao Dan’s large family has difficulty accessing food sources. Photo: Sina.

According to Tran Hao Dan, his family has to buy goods together with neighbors, individual orders are not handled in the context of great demand, but the number of shippers is small. With the little food they could find, the family star Hong Kong weighed, measured, reduced the portion of each meal to prolong the use time.

According to Sina, Shanghai is facing a wave of serious disease transmission, surpassing the peak of Wuhan epidemic. The city has recorded 205,000 cases of Covid-19 since March 1. In an effort to control the epidemic, the government issued an order to blockade the whole city from April 6 after conducting extensive testing.

Sohu added that many Chinese artists are currently quarantined in Shanghai such as Peng Vu Yen, Au Duong Na Na, Ngo Ton, Tran Ha, Do Giang… During a time of public health crisis, actors like Tran Long, Lam Tu Y, singers Binh An, Hac Tu volunteered to join the frontline against the epidemic.

Young female singer Lam Tam Y successfully helped pregnant women give birth early, Trinh Hy Di shared food for the family who had not received supplies. While Huynh Xiaoming, Tran Hac, Do Giang… sent medical supplies to support the authorities in stamping out the epidemic.

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