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Place the altar in this position, the money goes away, the owner is in trouble?

Place the altar in line with the door

According to feng shui experts, when you choose the direction to place the altar in the house, you should avoid placing the main door directly. Because the homeowner placing the altar directly towards the door area will lose the good air, making the homeowner unlucky, fortune and money are easily consumed. However, if the house area is too small, it is imperative to place the altar in this direction, people should use curtains to cover the front and sides of the altar, to avoid many people looking at them, and preventing fortune is lost.

Place an altar in the house near the stove

According to the sharing of feng shui experts, placing the altar near the kitchen will cause a very heavy fire, the family’s fortune will be unstable or decrease, affecting other feng shui of the family. Therefore, if your family commits this mistake, it is best for everyone to reposition the altar. However, if the house cannot be placed in another location, there must be a space between the altar and the kitchen. Everyone should put 6 deep money of the Six Emperors to neutralize bad luck.

Put the altar in this position, money goes away, the owner is struggling, is your home expensive?  - Photo 1.

In Eastern culture, the altar is a very sacred place. Photo: Khoevadep

Place the altar near or directly to the toilet door

The altar is a sacred place in the house, so the homeowner must pay special attention to absolutely not placing the altar near the bathroom or toilet area because, according to the concept, bathing is the removal of uncleanliness, if you set a table. Worshiping next to this place will lose the sacred atmosphere. If you commit this in your home, it is also considered disrespectful to the gods, to the ancestors, it will certainly greatly affect the life of the whole family. It’s easy for someone to get sick in the house, and it’s difficult for business to go as smoothly as expected.

Place the altar in the middle of the aisle

One thing to pay special attention to when placing an altar is the space, everyone must absolutely place the altar in a quiet and peaceful area. If placed in the aisle, the noise will destroy the purity of the place of worship. Thus, the family will have less luck and fortune. Therefore, you should never put the altar in this position lest sooner or later there will be bad things in the house.

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