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“I know I’m wrong, let me go”

This traffic situation happened at a section of the road in Hanoi. After the collision, the motorbike driver and the owner of the G63 had an argument and back and forth.

In the clip, the G63 car is parked on the side of the road, the rear end has two dents and scratches. At this time, the car owner asked the man to stay at the scene to compensate for the damage.

How can he run away? I told him he couldn’t run either. You have to be here to sort it out. I have a job, you have more work than me.

– Well, I didn’t tell you to run. You’re so hot, I know I’m wrong and I didn’t say anything. He told me how to go back, then I paid.”

Driving a motorbike with a G63’s tail dented, the man: “You know you’re wrong”

The incident made people around curious to watch and record clips. The clip was posted on vehicle forums and has received thousands of comments.

This collision attracted special attention because the value of the dented car was more than tens of billions of dong. It is not clear how the owner and the motorbike driver handled the incident, but this situation has caused a stir on social networks.

Driving a motorbike with a G63's tail dented, man: I know I'm wrong, let me go home - Photo 2.

The scene of the incident

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