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Huyen Baby came to work when she went to Dubai

In the first generation of hot girls, Huyen Baby is always ranked in the group that owns the happiest and most fulfilling life. After ten years of marriage, she was loved and spoiled by her rich husband – Quang Huy like a queen. The latest example is the luxurious trip to Dubai of Huyen Baby and her husband.

It’s been a long time since I went abroad, so in addition to the usual check-in photo, the former hot girl aired a clip about her trip. In the clip, Huyen Baby lets netizens travel online with famous places in Dubai like Marine Dubai Bay, museum Louvre Abu Dhabi, the beach Namos Dubai,

Scenes in the places where the beautiful sister went

More specifically, Huyen Baby also recounted special experiences on this trip with a lot of money. Specifically, she said that she had the first time wearing bikini shopping at Dior store because this store is located on a beach, anyone who does not wear bikini can go to the store to shop and then go to the beach right away.

Another remarkable experience is Huyen Baby, her husband and a group of friends getting dressed to go out at the Atmosphere Lounge inside the tallest building in the world. Just hearing it makes me dizzy, both because of the height and because of the luxury.

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Wearing bikini shopping at Dior store

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Check-in the tallest building in the world

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During the trip, Huyen Baby was accompanied by her rich husband – Quang Huy

Before that, Huyen Baby also showed off a series of Dubai check-in photos on her personal page. In these moments, she always makes people admire because of her beautiful beauty and ability to “transform unfathomably”, sometimes explosively sexy and sometimes extremely gentle.

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The pictures were previously posted by Huyen Baby on her personal page

Photo: Synthesis

https://kenh14.vn/huyen-baby-khoe-body-khet-let-o-dubai-check-in-an-choi-sang-chanh-bat-nhac-danh-tinh-nguoi-thap-tung- moi-gay-chu-y-20220415085419379.chn

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