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VNPT demonstrates digital transformation application ecosystem and platform

VNPT demonstrates digital transformation application platform and ecosystem - Photo 1.

With the ecosystem of community members in the Government sector, VNPT brings the IOC Intelligent Operation Center solution that has received special attention thanks to its ability to monitor and intelligently operate the province/city.

OneSME platform is VNPT’s “digital platform” to help businesses proactively select and integrate digital services and solutions that are suitable for their needs, at a reasonable cost – paid according to the actual needs of the business. industry through stages of development; and connect the ICT business community to participate in providing services, contributing to accelerating the process of business digital transformation, jointly building the Digital Economy. Currently, oneSME has been serving more than 10,000 businesses, constantly developing on the basis of in-depth research on SME’s service experience journey.

Applying artificial intelligence helps businesses quickly control, adjust and deploy digital business projects in a proactive and professional manner according to the trend of world universities. Technology 4.0 will help customers and technology partners to intelligentize and automate operations, helping to change, improve processes and make breakthroughs in building user experiences in the digital environment.

VNPT brings to the forum the Digital Financial Ecosystem – VNPT Money provides a variety of electronic payment utilities, payment on mobile devices to help digitize all transactions of the economy. In 97% of small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam, business union activities are facing many difficulties due to limitations in resources and access to technology.

Mr. Duong Thanh Long – General Director Information Technology Company VNPT affirming that community college is the only and indispensable strategy to help businesses revive through the pandemic, avoiding lagging behind businesses globally; help businesses improve labor productivity, internal management efficiency and open up opportunities to reach global customers, shorten service delivery time, create new products/services, grow revenue with new business models… Only when grasping and making good use of opportunities, businesses will develop strongly in the future. The Corporate Community Platform aims to serve hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses.

VNPT has actively participated and achieved many successes in community activities that will be developed in 60/63 provinces, cities and 15 ministries. Many successful projects such as: National reporting system connecting information with 80 ministries, branches, localities, corporations, state corporations with more than 500 online reporting information indicators; The national population database is managing information of nearly 100 million Vietnamese citizens…

VNPT’s presentation once again emphasized that, in order to realize the Digital Transformation plan of Ho Chi Minh City in the 2021-2025 period, with a vision to 2030, VNPT wishes to accompany all businesses in the city, jointly building Building a dynamic, productive and highly competitive digital business community in the leading economic center of the country.

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