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British Prime Minister plays TikTok

On May 11, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson posted the first video on TikTok, attracting more than three million views and tens of thousands of comments.

“You don’t have to see me dance on this platform, but there’s a lot of people here that care about our priorities in raising the bar. This is where I can make my recommendations. messages and behind-the-scenes details on what the government has done. So follow the 10 Downing Street account,” Boris Johnson said in his first video on social media. TikTok.

In the 40-second video, he said that on this platform, users will receive messages that are not available on other social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn…

The first video of the British Prime Minister on TikTok caused controversy

The first video of the British Prime Minister on TikTok. The source: 10 Downing Street

After just a few hours of posting, Boris Johnson’s first TikTok video has attracted more than half a million views and has now increased to 3.1 million, 197 thousand likes, 27.6 thousand shares and 44 thousand comments .

Some expressed interest and urged him to share more behind-the-scenes videos. However, many people think that the British Prime Minister is too old to use TikTok and his way of using this social network is not appropriate.

“What makes the Prime Minister think this is a good idea?”, one person asked in the comment section and attracted more than 7,000 likes. Cereal users claim that the controversial comments will soon be removed from the platform. But two days on, mixed opinions persist. The British Prime Minister’s refusal to dance on TikTok has even turned into a new video trend.

According to Telegraph, Mr. Johnson is not the first politician to appear on TikTok and receive mixed reactions. Last month, Ms. Nadine Dorries, UK Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, also appeared on the platform to talk about some of the government’s plans. “My job is to make sure people have super strong Internet speeds at home to download movies. We want to make the UK the safest place on the internet in the world,” Ms Dorries said. However, her way of talking and her confused look on TikTok made the video the subject of controversy.

According to Statista, TikTok users are mostly under 30 years old. This social network has more than one billion active people every month and more than 3.3 billion downloads globally. Unlike YouTube or other social networks, TikTok is mainly aimed at young people with entertaining videos. Short clipped clip on funny music background. It is considered inappropriate for the elderly politician to post national messages on this social network.

After two days of establishment, the British Prime Minister’s TikTok channel had four videos posted, attracting more than 233 thousand likes and nearly 200 thousand followers.

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