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Dong NaiThe fire broke out, causing a car repair shop located on Highway 1 to burn down, some houses next door were also affected, on the evening of April 16.

Several fire engines were dispatched to put out the fire.  Photo: Cong Hien

Fire trucks were dispatched to put out the fire. Image: Mai Hien

Around 20:30, passersby heard an explosion, then a fire broke out in a car repair shop in Thanh Binh commune, Trang Bom district. At this time, the shop was closed, many people used fire extinguishers on the spot to put out the fire, but to no avail.

Inside the shop contains many flammable substances such as lubricants, spray paints, sponges, etc., causing the fire to spread quickly, causing many loud explosions. Some neighboring houses had to move their furniture out to avoid the spread of fire.

Dong Nai Fire Police Department dispatched many vehicles and forces to the scene. About 30 minutes later, the fire was extinguished. The fire did not cause any casualties, but destroyed the shop over 100 square meters, along with many assets inside.

The fire also caused a traffic jam on Highway 1 in the area above.

Car repair shop fire

Fire scene. Video: Mai Hien

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