Hien Ho’s return after a noisy private life caused netizens to turn waves?

The news that Hien Ho reappeared with a hit song made the online community simultaneously give mixed opinions.

Recently, the news that Hien Ho performed on stage on April 10 surprised the online community.

Specifically, in the video posted on a large video sharing channel, the female singer wears a pure white dress showing off her youthful appearance and sexy waist. While singing, the voice of the hometown singer Dak Lak cheerfully called on the audience to interact with him.

The question of Hien Ho going back to singing after being noisy caused netizens to turn waves - 1

This video was then quickly shared on social networking platforms and attracted a large number of viewers. Many netizens are surprised by the image of Hien Ho confidently and happily performing when the noise of private life has not subsided.

In addition to comments praising the voice and performance style of Hien Hosome people expressed regret when the female singer had to face the biggest scandal of her career.

However, not long after that, many observant fans pointed out that this was just an old video. Based on the outfit and hair, netizens believe that this is a clip of the female singer performing in a music program in Ho Chi Minh City on February 14.

When the scandal hit, it went away for a while and then came back like there was never a scandal. The other sister is ‘diving’ but the product still shows up“;

It’s not wrong that the page uploading videos belongs to the program, but is it really appropriate to post a video about an artist with such a problem?“;

Why are you still acting like you’re in a scandal?“, “Okay, then solve the noise thoroughly and then go to Hien Ho“… are some of the opinions of netizens.

Before that, on social networks appeared many fake accounts of Hien Ho and posted unauthentic content to ask for views and interactive sentences, making netizens angry.

Up to now, the original voice of Dak Lak has not made any official move. She locked her personal Facebook, Fanpage, Instagram… after being repeatedly attacked by netizens with negative comments related to her private life.

The audience still hopes that the female singer will soon speak out about the past noise so that the public can have the most fair view.

The question that Hien Ho went back to singing after being noisy caused netizens to turn waves-2

Hien Ho is a young singer who is loved by many audiences through a series of hit songs “Meet But Don’t Stay”, “You Used To Be Different”, “Yes Like No”…

She once caused a stir when answering the press about the fact that artists had to accept the market when participating in showbiz: “If an artist does something that other people don’t notice, then it’s too sad. I don’t want that at all.

I still want the audience to remember me with music products more than the side things, but if people pay attention to the side things, just keep an eye on it.

It’s okay, it’s okay to say that it’s a market, as long as people still pay attention to me. As long as I do something I’m not ashamed of“.

According to Dan Viet

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