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Tuyet Lan tells a love story with a doctor in her autobiography

Model Tuyet Lan thanked her boyfriend – Doctor Nguyen Thien Khanh – for helping her overcome the trauma after divorce, in her first autobiography.

Publications From Phu Dien to New York (Vietnam Women’s Publishing House) released on April 18, recreating Tuyet Lan’s 10-year career journey. In addition to her fashion career, she revealed many love stories – including her current boyfriend, doctor Nguyen Thien Khanh.

Model Tuyet Lan released her autobiography on April 18 in Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Character provided

Model Tuyet Lan released her autobiography on April 18 in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Characters provided

In the book, she mentioned the love story in the Hope. She met him a few months after the end marriage 2019. The model said that at first, when he asked her, she refused because she found herself precarious. After a breakup, she was afraid of the bondage when entering a relationship. He said he would wait for her, helping her feel the joy of being around, because “true love comes with freedom and mutual respect”.

The boyfriend gradually conquered Tuyet Lan in her gentleness and thoughtfulness. Although he was busy with work, he often sat with her for hours, listening to stories about old hurts. Every time the model had an unhappy situation, he often told a funny story, advising her not to bother with what happened. Every long trip, he prepares for her from towels, towels, sunscreen to music speakers, champagne… Just like that, Tuyet Lan’s affection for her boyfriend builds over time.

Tuyet Lan with the doctor's boyfriend.  Photo: Character provided

Tuyet Lan with the doctor’s boyfriend. Image: Characters provided

Despite their different jobs, the models say they are united by optimism. Every time he meets her, he usually radiates positive energy, helping her towards happy things. Due to his professional characteristics, he knows how to understand the psychology of the opposite person, thereby treating her friends and family thoughtfully. “I used to think I was also his patient, because he graciously healed my wound,” she wrote.

Tuyet Lan said that her boyfriend is also her “hard fan”, supporting her to do the things she loves. The autobiography was born after he once said “Why not” when he heard her share his intentions. With Tuyet Lan, the relationship is still quite early to talk about the future, but thanks to him, she learned to appreciate herself more at the age of 30. She said: “I understand that it doesn’t matter who hurt it. or let me down. What matters is who makes me smile again.”

Tuyet Lan's boyfriend hugs and kisses to celebrate the release of her autobiography.  Photo: Character provided

Tuyet Lan’s boyfriend hugs and kisses to celebrate the release of her autobiography. Image: Characters provided

Tuyet Lan cherished her autobiography since the age of 19, when she first started her career. She had a habit of keeping a diary since then because she was determined to publish a book. Two years of translation, living in Singapore, she systematized the information of the past 10 years and sent it to Hoang Linh Lan – a writer in Ho Chi Minh City – to pen her autobiography. Tuyet Lan had a lot of trouble finding a suitable publisher, because the model did not orient the work to sensational content, dark corner stories, and behind the scenes showbiz.

She spends a part of a book about her modeling days in New York, USA. In a competitive environment, she has to learn how to work all day while keeping a fresh mind. Tuyet Lan builds endurance to take pictures in high heels for many hours, often does not have time to have lunch because of continuous casting. Supermodel Bao Hoa – senior Tuyet Lan – considers her success thanks to appreciating opportunities and making efforts to learn, despite having a bad starting point and poor English.

Tuyet Lan was born in 1990 in Ho Chi Minh City, was the runner-up of Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2010. After the contest, she dreamed of operating in the international market. In 2011, the beauty moved to Singapore to establish a career and won the Asian Model Search 2011 champion. In 2013, Tuyet Lan signed a contract with the famous American modeling agency Wilhelmina Models. She performed many times at New York Fashion Week, including shows by designers Elie Tahari, Park Choon Moo, Tia Cibani, Wes Gordon, Juan Carlos Obando.

Tuyet Lan shows Louis Vuitton

Tuyet Lan catwalk in the Louis Vuitton show in 2021. Video: Vogue

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