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The girl bought a house thanks to 4 years of miserliness

KoreaKwak Ji-hyun, 24, became famous on social media after paying a deposit of 100 million won (2 billion VND) to buy an apartment after four years of saving.

Kwak Ji-hyeon started working in sales at the age of 19. Although her salary is more than 2 million won a month (36 million dong), the average income is low in Korea, but she determined that buying her own house and saving was the only solution.

Kwak Ji-hyeon appeared on SBS Korea's Master of Living program in April 2022.  Photo: newsnpr.org.

Kwak Ji-hyeon appeared on SBS Korea’s Master of Living program in April 2022. Image: newsnpr.org.

Sharing her life for the past four years, the young girl admitted to being as frugal as possible. Each month, Ji-hyeon spends up to 300,000 won (5 million VND) on living expenses, even with the cost of diabetes treatment, and saves nearly 1.7 million won.

Kwak Ji-hyeon always makes the most of coupons and offers and discounts. This allows her to buy a wide range of products with almost no payment or a very small outlay.

To save money on commuting, Ji-hyeon often walks two hours a day instead of taking the bus or subway. The young girl also only drinks tap water and homemade tea, eats anything she can buy at a very cheap price or wins prizes through apps. For example, if she wins a bottle of water, Ji-hyeon will sell it back, because she only drinks tap water for free. At dinner, the girl often asks for leftovers at the company’s canteen.

During an appearance on the show Master of Living of SBS Korea, Ji-hyeon revealed that she often uses various apps and surveys to accumulate points and discount codes. Then will use them to buy the necessary products.

“Many people think this is a waste of time, but if you’re trying to save money, everything makes sense,” the 24-year-old shared.

Over the past four years, Ji-hyeon has learned many ways to save money while maintaining a reasonable diet. She now shares her savings tips via YouTube and Instagram.

Sharing about her savings motivation, Ji-hyeon said that due to her family’s difficulties, she had to live in poverty since childhood. “I don’t want to be like my parents. I want to get out of poverty and saving is the best way to do that.”

After the show was broadcast, Ji-hyeon became famous throughout Korean social networks. Some people praised her way of saving money, others advised, being young, to enjoy life instead of being too tight.

However, Kwak Ji-hyun feels lucky to have bought a house after four years of hard work and savings. She often encourages herself, “The past time has been really difficult, but life will be brighter in the future”.

Vy Trang (According to newsnpr.org)

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