A series of gamers are determined to ‘hold’ all the prizes of nearly 2 billion dong

Gamers are determined to ‘take’ all the properties up to 2 billion dong

The gaming community this year was surprised by the generous awards series of VCS Spring 2022. This top professional tournament broke its own record, spending 1.2 billion on 8 main prizes and 480 million bronze for minor prizes, thanks to support from the global lubricant brand Castrol POWER1. Last year, the Spring 2021 Arena of Fame also reaped 3 billion VND in prizes when it invited the “super big” sponsor Castrol POWER1.

A series of gamers determined to 'hold' all the prizes of nearly 2 billion VND - Photo 1.

The prize pool of up to 2 billion VND of VCS Spring 2022 makes gamers fall in love, because this is a significant part of income that adds motivation to maintain and develop the team for each team. From the beginning of the season to the past 6 weeks, from the AD carry to the jungler, everyone is determined to win a series of extra prizes for both individuals and teams. Every week, the organizers give 1 Castrol POWER1 Team award for the best team; and 3 TOP POWER1 prizes for the player with the best pentakill.

A series of gamers are determined to 'hold' all the prizes of nearly 2 billion dong - Photo 2.

VCS Spring 2022 also witnessed the most explosive season ever, bringing top performances to the fans. GAM Esports is the dominant name in the tournament with an unbeaten record of 14 matches, winning the Castrol POWER1 Team title for several weeks in a row. Saigon Buffalo and Team Secret both won 9 matches in a row in the group stage, and also stole the weekly prize from their opponents many times.

Reach the peak of glory, make the ultimate feat, immediately win 700 million VND from Castrol POWER1

VCS Spring 2022 currently has only 2 matches left and 3 teams remain: GAM Esports, Saigon Buffalo, Team Secret competing for first – second – third place. Runner-up will receive 200 million VND in cash; The third prize received 150 million VND with gifts from sponsors.

However, the prize of nearly 700 million VND for the new champion is an enchanting number for the teams in the final match. Accordingly, the winning team will pocket 400 million dong for the main prize and 100 million dong for the Castrol POWER1 Team prize when they climb to the top, with the Castrol Cup and 10 sets of 6 Castrol POWER1 Ultimate products used in 1 year. The best player of the championship team won the Castrol POWER1 MPV, and “won big” with a huge bonus and a gift worth 120 million VND.

A series of gamers are determined to 'hold' all the prizes of nearly 2 billion dong - Photo 3.

Faced with the large scale of the award, jungle legend BeanJ (SG Buffalo) set a goal to bring home the Castrol POWER1 MVP; at the same time bring the victory of Castrol POWER1 Team to the whole team. In addition to the large current, BeanJ expressed interest in 10 sets of Castrol POWER1 Ultimate for all year use, because this is the brand of lubricant he is familiar with for a long time, helping the driver to achieve peak performance even when traveling long distances with teammates. .

Meanwhile, Kiaya (GAM) with impressive fighting ability is ambitious to win the TOP POWER1 trophy, extending his top-notch achievements. TOP POWER1 is a brand new award compared to previous VCS seasons, to honor individuals with the best and most powerful teamfights.

A series of gamers are determined to 'hold' all the prizes of nearly 2 billion dong - Photo 4.

With Castrol POWER1 accompanying him, VCS Spring 2022 is like a “tiger with more wings”, expanding both the scale and adding many new award categories. These awards inspire gamers to fight to the fullest, not to miss the chance to achieve the ultimate feat in every match; At the same time, giving them more energy to stay safe to practice and stay in shape on the next journey to bring Vietnam far on the international esports map.

Kiaya (GAM), BeanJ (Saigon Buffalo) unanimously called on fans to “not miss” activities on the sidelines of the tournament to have more extreme experiences and win attractive prizes. Predict the winning team with Anh Ba POWER1 – the AI ​​character who predicts every hit at to receive super moto Honda CB150R; or solve the Castrol Virtual Bikepoint quiz at to receive thousands of game cards 50-200 thousand and high-class engine oil products Castrol POWER1 Ultimate.

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