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Want to balance life after birth

I felt very tired because I had to work so hard after giving birth, there was no time to do anything for myself.

I still can’t balance life after becoming a mother even though my baby is 10 months old. I am 31 years old, in Ho Chi Minh City, working as an office worker, with a monthly income of more than 10 million dong, living 12 km away from work. My husband earns 20 million VND per month, works 25 km away. We have known each other for more than three years, have been married for three and a half years, there are no problems in marriage, husband and wife try to understand and share with each other.

My wife and I plan to have our own house and then have a baby. A few days after moving into the new apartment I bought, I found out I was pregnant. My husband works away from home, so he only comes back once a week or half a month, I take care of buying things for the house, taking care of myself and the baby in my belly, when the date of birth is near, my husband comes back completely. After the distance, her husband went to work closer and returned every day, but the work was quite hard and stressful. Lately he’s been working all day on Sunday so he can’t help me with anything.

>> I am often irritable after giving birth

Everything was fine until I started going back to work after my maternity leave. My biological mother retired and took care of my children on weekdays, on weekends she returned to her hometown because her grandmother’s house was about 25 km away. I only asked my mother to take care of the baby and am very grateful to her. Every day around five o’clock in the morning, my husband prepares porridge for my children, I cook breakfast and lunch for my mother, do all the housework because I like to be clean and tidy. In the afternoon I did the same thing again. I worked nonstop every day, until nine o’clock in the evening when I put my baby to sleep, I finished the day’s work. At first, I had a lot of difficulties because before, it was easy for my husband and I to eat and eat in a simple way. I don’t know how to cook many traditional dishes, sometimes on weekends when he comes home to visit, he goes out to eat or he cooks something fancy to change the taste.

I’ve been living away from home since I was 18, so I don’t cook for some reason. Currently, I can cook a variety of dishes and my husband comments that it is delicious (he cooks quite well). I tried to cook according to taste but my mother still did not like to eat, often ate a little, sometimes not at all. In addition, I only eat at home, I don’t like food bought from outside, I don’t want to eat sea fish, beef, leafy vegetables, vermicelli, all prepared foods, I like food I cook myself when I’m at home but Living with me, my mother doesn’t want to cook.

I felt sorry when I finished cooking, but my mother did not eat, afraid that she would not be healthy enough and would get sick again. I asked my mother about this many times, but to no avail. I don’t know if it’s because of the hard work of taking care of the baby, so the mother doesn’t want to eat? Can you guys give me some advice to rebalance my mother’s life and overcome the problem of cooking for her?


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