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Women know how to refuse men these 3 things, they will love you more

Women know how to refuse men these 3 things, they will love you more - 1

In life, everyone will have to face many choices. The important thing at this time is to be wise to make the right choice, which is best for you. If you blindly listen to what people say, you are putting yourself in a difficult position.

Many people think that obedient women are the type of men men are always looking for. But the truth is that such people give up their choice right from the start, leaving the rest of their lives in the hands of others. They may initially please men with obedience, but as the relationship progresses, they will gradually get bored.

Women know how to refuse men these 3 things, they will love you more - 2

That said, in a relationship, a woman must definitely learn to be independent, know how to refuse when needed, not to follow anyone blindly. Love is great, but the wrong view of love will lead you astray, the future is getting darker and darker.

Whatever the circumstances, remember this life is your own. Never bet your life on someone else. Sometimes, knowing how to refuse a man is the way to make them love you more.

Refusing to live together

When two people have known each other for a while and the relationship has reached a relatively stable stage, many men will rush to the next step, asking to live together. The reasons they give are many, from saving travel time when dating to saving money, “so that I can take care of you more”

At this point, many women will quickly relent and agree. They imagine the scene of young lovers entwined with each other every day, dreaming that they will be cared for and protected by their boyfriends.

Women know how to refuse men these 3 things, they will love you more - 3

The reality is that after living together for a while, your relationship may grow stronger, but he may also no longer treat you the same way. The loving indulgences, the awkward newness of love are gone. He finds himself getting everything easily, so he doesn’t appreciate it as much as before. Even if you’re not what he expected, he might take the initiative to leave you.

When a man asks to live with you, consider carefully how far your relationship has come, how you both define your future together. The man who sees you like this will also appreciate the feelings between the two of you more, and want to develop a long-term relationship. In addition, being in two places will also help the two of you maintain a feeling of freshness, nostalgia, more time to learn.

Refuse to quit

It is very normal for women to rely on their husbands. Husband and wife are true spouses, being able to help each other and take care of the other half’s best life is commendable.

However, there are many women who, because they believe in the saying “Stay at home, raise them”, give up their whole career. They dream of the prospect that her husband will earn money to support the whole family, just stay at home and take care of the children. But the reality is not as simple as they think.

Women know how to refuse men these 3 things, they will love you more - 4

If your husband is not a thoughtful person, your status will go down, not being valued by him. When you do not have a career of your own, have no relationship with the outside world, and surround yourself with only 4 walls every day, your worldview will also be different.

Women, whoever they are, should have their own career, don’t give up because of love. In many cases, work is not only a means for you to make a living, but also a way to protect your feelings.

The relationship between the two of you will also become better when there is an equal status. Seeing you work hard and strive, he will also love and respect you more, the relationship will naturally become stronger and stronger.

Women know how to refuse men these 3 things, they will love you more - 5

Refusing to change for him

In many relationships, people become extremely self-deprecating and consider themselves unworthy of the other person. Therefore, as long as the other party makes a request, they will try to change themselves according to that request with the hope of keeping the person they love. This, however, is a mistake.

You will gradually become a person without opinions, without a unique charm, even more no different. He will also gradually lose interest in a person who does not appreciate himself, letting others decide his life.

Women don’t trust men so easily. Just be yourself, live the life you want, don’t change yourself for anyone. Never stop learning to improve yourself, don’t change just to fit someone’s preferences. Only when you are yourself, can you exude the most attractive beauty, being cherished, cherished and desired by men.

Remember, roses are alluring not only by their beauty but also by their thorns.

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