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The little girl ran out in the rain to give a “gift” to the old man, 3 seconds ago discovered something touching

The small act of a group of students, encapsulated in the 30-second clip below, has become the most beautiful moment of the day, spreading on social media. The story is that at about 3pm yesterday (April 20), it suddenly rained heavily, everyone was looking for a place to stay. In this scene, a group of students are standing together under an umbrella and quickly put on their raincoats to go home.

At the same time, an elderly man with a thin body, wearing only a hat, struggled not knowing where to hide from the rain. He stood smoking a cigarette, huddled in the rain.

The little girl ran out in the middle of the rain to give a “special gift” to the old man, the result of kind hearts

This image has entered the view full of fear and anxiety of the group of girls. The children then sent a friend to go and buy a new raincoat. Just a few seconds later, the little girl wearing a purple raincoat suddenly rushed out in the rain and approached the old man. I quickly took the new raincoat and gave it to him.

Receiving a surprise gift, the old man was also happy and thanked him. The female student’s act of politely helping the elderly with both hands was praised by the people.

It is both the kindness and kindness of the child’s parents. Sometimes the little things in life make me feel joyful and happy.”

“The children are very well educated, have good morals, wish them all the best! Sometimes just their little things suddenly turn into other people’s happiness. Parents see it with tears and emotions. so proud.”

“The children’s actions surprised me, I thought I just took off my raincoat and gave it to the old man, didn’t expect the children to go buy a new one, very obedient. Kindness is the language the deaf can speak. hear and the blind can see“, some comments of netizens.

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