Schoolgirl’s death suspected of chasing robbers

The homemade driver that collided with the NTV female student on the morning of April 21 said that the past few days are still haunting and mentally broken.

The case of NTV female students (21 years old) dead Suspected by chasing robbers on Phan Van Tri Street, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, many people were shocked and pitied.

At present, the family of the ill-fated female student and the people all want the police to quickly investigate the cause of the incident.

Regarding the tragic accident mentioned above, sharing with the press, Mr. Dang Van Phong (42 years old) – the driver of the homemade car that collided with the NTV female student on the morning of April 21 is still haunted and thinking. mental breakdown at the thought of the accident.

The case of the female student's death suspected of chasing the phone snatcher: Obsessed driver-1
Dang Van Phong – the driver of a homemade car in the accident that killed the NTV female student (Photo: VTC)

According to Mr. Phong, early that morning, he drove a homemade car carrying bean sprouts to deliver to customers in Go Vap district. After moving to the intersection of Phan Van Tri – Road No. 3, the male driver heard some motorbikes roaring from the left side.

When he turned around, Mr. Phong saw two vehicles approaching at high speed. A motorbike driven by two young men managed to slip past the rear of his car and the other, owned by a female student NTV, crashed straight into the wheel of the homemade vehicle.

“When I didn’t understand what was going on, the female student’s motorbike hit my front wheel hard. The other two young men’s car passed and went straight.

At first I thought it was racing, but then a motorbike taxi driver came and said that the girl was chasing the robber, so the accident happened.Mr. Phong shared.

Mr. Phong said that he had not eaten or slept for the past 2 days because he was still haunted by the case accident. After the accident, the man worked with the police. Authorities are also keeping his car to serve the investigation.

“I sincerely send my condolences to the girl’s family and hope they soon overcome the pain of losing their child.”the male driver confided.

On April 22, the family is also holding a funeral for V. At the house on Duong Quang Ham Street (Go Vap District), many people come to light incense and share their sadness with the family. Friends and relatives are saddened by your passing.

Although V.’s phone is missing, when the mother is too sad and misses her child to call in, she still sees the status “just accessed” but no one picks up the phone on the other end.

Ms. Nguyen Thi L. said: “I can’t make a phone call, I still see the access line but no one responds. It’s so sad at night, I just take out my phone to call and text it a few words.

I cried all night and couldn’t sleep, he was still young, five and a half years before he graduated from school. I look at my baby’s pictures. I just pay for school in the morning, I still hear his voice, he goes away at night, is that sad?”

The death of a female student suspected of chasing the phone snatcher: Obsessive driver-2
Many people came to light incense and offer condolences to the family (Photo: Thanh Nien newspaper)

Ms. L. still vividly remembers the fateful call from the police in the early morning of April 21. When the police called to identify her son, she thought he had been arrested for a traffic violation, but when she got there, she collapsed when she saw him lying in the morgue.

“When I went to the morgue, I saw a hand with two rings on it, I didn’t dare to look at my son’s face. When I saw his hand, I fell back, so I went to the place where he had the accident, worshiped and burned incense to pray for him to come back to me.” She sobbed and told the source above.

According to Mrs. L, the other iPhone 13 she didn’t let her children buy, but her daughter kept selling cakes on the internet and bought the phone herself. Mrs. L. never expected her children to earn money to support her, but only wanted her children to be happy.

She used to imagine that V. getting married, having children, and taking care of the grandchild would be so happy that she expected her son to leave so soon.

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