How much does it cost to set up a “top” music setup like Son Tung?

In one Video posted on April 25th, Son Tung M-TP Besides revealing a new music project called “There’s No One At All”, it also gave viewers the first look at their music setup. So what if you are a Sky, want to be a singer, songwriter or mixologist and want to own items similar to your idol?

Look at Son Tung’s music-making items – Webuy

Today Webuy will open its eyes wide to “see” the items that Son Tung M-TP is using. Of course, the boss also has a taste for high-end goods, so if you want to learn, you will definitely have to spend a lot of money!

Son Tung - Photo 1.

A very important item with any table setup is definitely the chair; The more comfortable the chair, the longer you can sit creatively and entertain. Son Tung chose the Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair in Charcoal Gray color version, with ergonomic design, breathable fabric cushion, flexible multi-directional rotating arms and legs made of durable nylon.

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In front of any musician will be a MIDI keyboard, allowing them to quickly create with a variety of instruments, a variety of sample sounds, all within reach. Although Roland A-500 Pro is not the most expensive keyboard on the market, it is also highly appreciated by musicians, and if it has been selected by Son Tung, it is already “credible” enough!

Son Tung - Photo 3.

To listen to the recorded sounds, Son Tung uses a pair of Focal Alpha 80 speakers from France. This is truly a pair of “monitoring” speakers, applying advanced technologies to bring the most authentic sound quality, without adding “colorful” so that the musician can see the flaws in the song to still edit. The speaker is priced at 12.4 million dong, but it’s for… 1 unit, if you want to buy a full pair, you have to spend twice as much.

Son Tung - Photo 4.

For musicians, a spacious computer screen is essential to display all the components of the song in the mixing software. That’s why Son Tung uses a 43-inch screen with a resolution of Dell Ultrasharp U4320Q. Dell also has a lot of other 4K monitor options, but if you want to learn from the Boss, choose this version.

Son Tung - Photo 5.

The most valuable item that appears in Son Tung’s video but is far away is the microphone he uses to record his voice and send it to the public. This is a Neumann M149 with the selling price we “checked” out to $ 5495, or 126 million! With this outstanding price, Neumann M149 Tube can only be used in high-end studios or in the hands of “A-list” singers like Son Tung.

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