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Son missing for 14 hours was found, father made emotional actions

On April 10, in Wenzhou, Zhejiang (China), police received a report from a family that their child had been missing for several hours.

Using security cameras installed around the living area, police and rescue teams analyze and find clues about the missing child.

After many inquiries and checks, they found the child who had been missing for 14 hours.

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dua tre nhanh chong duoc tim thay nho camera an ninh anh 163 5fc99fb371f742ea81bc92a075426805
The child was quickly found thanks to security cameras. Photo 163

Being handed over by the police, the father burst into tears, knelt down and repeatedly thanked the police. This action moved many onlookers.

The video was then shared on social media and received many comments. Everyone congratulates the family and thinks that there is no greater love than the love that parents have for their children. Only when children are peaceful and happy can parents be happy and peaceful. Many people also posted comments thanking the police force and rescue team:

nguoi cha bat khoc nuc no quy goi lien tuc cam on canh sat anh 163 a0b35b8881da44a499c8364152d2a833
The father burst into tears, kneeling repeatedly thanking the police. Photo 163

– Fortunately, there are policemen and rescue teams, otherwise the consequences will not be known.

– It is true that it must be as quick as this father to handle the situation.

– Fortunately, I found my child quickly, I don’t know how to lose my child.

– Seeing a father cry is enough to know how great the love parents have for their children.

Before that, the Chinese social network also shared many touching stories about how parents found their children after many years of disappearance. A typical example is the story of parents selling all their assets to find their 14-year missing son, Sun Hai Duong (Shenzhen, China).

cau chuyen cua ong ton hai duong tung duoc chuyen the thanh phim anh sohu f3c6652ede5c49a6abbff86058d233c5
Mr. Ton Hai Duong’s story has been adapted into a movie. Sohu .’s photo

His son went missing when he was a child, after 14 years, Mr. and Mrs. Ton sold all their properties and went to 26 provinces in the hope of finding the child. During the search, Mr. Ton met many families and participated in many groups and programs to find lost relatives. He also helped another family find their missing child.

By his perseverance, after 14 years, his family found their 18-year-old biological son. The happiness in the moment of reunion moved many people. The story of Mr. Ton’s family was later adapted into a movie that took away many people’s tears.

Tu Linh (According to 163, Sohu)

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