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“Lan is 200km from school, it takes 10 hours to go to school by bike”

If you’ve ever been to school, you must have wondered at least a dozen times in your mind, why knowledge? Math So sublime, is it necessary to study so complicated? In fact, many studies have proved that learning Math may not apply much to life (sometimes when you go to work, you only use addition – subtraction – multiplication – division!) but it helps develop logical thinking.

There are also many interesting Math problems, but the way they are formulated is not practical at all. Here are typical questions:

“Lan’s house is 200 km from the school, it takes 10 hours for Lan to cycle from home to school. What is Lan’s cycling speed?”.

Comes with options: 10km/h – 15km/h – 20km/h – 25km/h.

Today's most viral math problem: Lan is 200km from school, cycling to school takes 10 hours, reading the answer and laughing out loud - Photo 1.

Any student dares to cycle 200 km to school?!! (Photo: Internet)

This Math problem is very simple to read and completely normal. Just apply the velocity formula: S = vt and that’s it. Where S is the distance traveled, t is the time, and v is the speed.

We get Lan’s cycling speed: v = S : t = 200 : 10 = 20 km/h.

The most remarkable thing about this question is Lan’s travel distance. Who goes to school 200 km away from home and still rides a bike all day long! As for going to school for 10 hours, where do you get the time to study now?

Obviously, this problem cannot be put into practice. If there was a student character who would pedal 200 km to school every day, he would have to quickly surrender, have to drop out of school immediately.

Many netizens made humorous comments about this 1-0-2 schooling phase:

– “Lan cycled from school for 10 hours. Then Lan fainted in the middle of the road”.

– “The answer is that the teacher advised Lan to transfer to a school near her home”.

– “Lan goes to school and goes back and forth for 20 hours, studying for 4 hours is the end of the day. Phuc Lan is too”.

– “Lan really has the energy”.

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