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Event 1… creepy!

When the dynasties are about to perish, strange events often arise that cannot be explained, such as the rooster crowing in the morning, the snow falling in June… The Qing dynasty was the last feudal dynasty, before its extinction also. A number of strange events have occurred that surprise people today.

The despair of 200 soulless people performing a drama

It happened in Lushun (Dalian City). In November 1894 in the midst of the Giap Ngo war (the Chinese and Japanese wars), the Japanese attacked the city of Lushun, and here launched a great massacre against the army and people. From November 21 to 26, 1894, Lu Thuan became a living hell.

However, in the midst of that tragic scene of the dead and the people screaming, people still vaguely heard the echoing opera singing and the hauntingly loud drums emanating from the theater at Tap Tien tea shop.

5 harbingers foreshadowing the doom of the Qing Dynasty: Event 1... creepy!  - Photo 1.

Legend has it that at that time, when entering the theater, the Japanese army couldn’t help but be afraid when they witnessed the haunting scene:

Actors are teenagers from 10 to 15 years old, there are estimated to be more than a hundred people, including adults, a total of more than 200 people, they are like lifeless, ghostly, lifeless wooden puppets. In the theater with no audience, they quietly performed by themselves.

They were the troupe invited by the official Lu Shun from Beijing and Tianjin. After this citadel fell, the mandarins fled, this troupe sent 17 people out to investigate the situation, but all died in the sea of ​​blood outside. Perhaps because it was too scared, maybe it was too tragic, or maybe it was because there was no other way out because it was pushed to the end, the rest of the people in Tap Tien theater no longer cared to give up. run. They just lazily remained in that teahouse, repeating over and over again something that they had long since become more familiar with – acting in theater (also known as opera, a genre of musical theater). Chinese drama formed and flourished in Beijing during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty).

This painful and haunting incident is perhaps considered as one of the harbingers of the bleak future of the people of that time in the face of great historical events that await them ahead.

The indifference of the mandarins in the country – The war ended, the mandarins still didn’t know

It happened in Sha Thi near Wuhan, shortly after the Giap Ngo war ended, a Japanese diplomat named Horiguchi Shashi went to Sha Thi – Hubei, he according to the Treaty was to choose a location for preparation. opened a consulate. However, he did not expect that no one local officials knew what he came for. Could it be that they did not receive any written notice from Beijing?

5 harbingers foreshadowing the doom of the Qing Dynasty: Event 1... creepy!  - Photo 2.

Horiguchi Shashi then quickly learned something that he couldn’t explain, a very strange fact: That is, none of the Qing Dynasty officials really knew the Giap Ngo war had just happened!

In fact, the Qing Dynasty at that time once issued a newspaper dedicated to mandarins, the purpose was for officials from the central to local levels to understand all the big and small situations happening in the country. However, the mandarins in Sa Thi were unaware of a large-scale war that had just occurred not long ago. This proves that these people have long since lost interest in the safety of their country and society.

This is perhaps one of the clearest harbingers of the internal decline of the Manchu ruling class at that time.

Carrying a snake to bite a chicken

It happened in the last 3 years in Rizhao – Shandong. Germany occupied the port of Giao Chau Loan, then sent 120 soldiers and 4 small warships to the coast at Rizhao – Shandong.

This place is called the stone mortar of the beach with its tall stone walls, at that time the Chinese people still calmly looked out at the sea. When the German soldiers saw the calm appearance of the Chinese army, they were amazed. At this time, the Chinese official urged, if anyone can go into the water and carry the German ashore, they will be rewarded with some money.

5 harbingers foreshadowing the doom of the Qing Dynasty: Event 1... creepy!  - Photo 3.

A really big man, with his trouser leg raised above his knees, walked up to the Germans, the first one dared to step forward, and the others followed suit. So, each person carried a German “enemy”, so that the German soldiers on the back of the Chinese entered the shore. That night, the German army won like a hand, occupying the entire district and citadel of Rizhao.

Lieutenant Von Falkenhayn recorded with relief in his diary: “We brought a large bag of explosives to attack Rizhao city, but people didn’t believe this was the enemy’s country. We entered leisurely, happily and without worries.”

Two popular items suddenly increased in price to the point of scaring people

Legend has it that, in the past, Diem Kinh Minh, during his time in charge of the military court, strictly asked Empress Dowager Cixi to inspect the interior of the government.

The reason stems from the agency reporting the purchase price of a leather chest for up to 60 taels of silver, when in fact it only sells for 6 taels outside.

After hearing this, Empress Dowager Cixi ordered Diem Kinh Minh to try using 6 pieces of silver to buy a leather chest to verify. This great minister then hurriedly left the palace, but when he went to buy things, he discovered that all the chest shops in the city were closed. It turned out that before he came, the palace sent eunuchs to go to each store to force them to close, otherwise, they would force the shop to be closed.

Faced with this situation, Diem Kinh Minh had to send his trusted subordinates to Tianjin to buy a chest. Unexpectedly, this person was also bribed by the eunuch of the Interior Government and ran away.

Witnessing such a corrupt situation, even a great god like Diem Kinh Minh could only shake his head and sigh in frustration.

5 harbingers foreshadowing the doom of the Qing Dynasty: Event 1... creepy!  - Photo 4.

People who had to accept to buy popular things at exorbitant prices when there was another famous person. That was Emperor Quang Tu. At that time, this king firmly believed that chicken eggs had become a luxury food. Because the amount of money to buy eggs reported to the king is so high that it is difficult to accept.

One day, Quang Tu asked the great minister Mr. Dong Hoa: “This rare thing (only chicken eggs), have you ever eaten it?”. At that time, Mr. Dong Hoa did not dare to tell the truth: “The old god only ate once or twice during the sacrifice, normally he wouldn’t even dare to eat.”

As it turned out, Ngu Thien room had overstated the price of 4 chicken eggs up to three or four dozen taels of silver. While the actual value is only 12, 13 dong.

But it is worth mentioning that the people who are deceived are the royal figures standing at the top of the ruling class. Even more frightening was that from the servants to the great gods at that time, they did not dare to expose this corrupt truth.

Empress Dowager Cixi has lost national sovereignty, making China a semi-colonial, semi-feudal society.

During the 48 years Empress Dowager Cixi took power in her hands, she signed many treaties with the Empire countries recognizing the loss of China’s national sovereignty. Typically, the “Treaty of Ma Quan” signed with Japan caused China to lose Taiwan, Liaodong, and Penghu, the war expenses equal to the income of the Manchu court for three years. At the same time, Empress Dowager Tu Xi was also the one who strangled the transformation of Khang Huu Wei and Luong Khai Sieu, while this transformation was capable of bringing China out of the danger of falling into the dependency of the Western Empire. West.

In addition, she has repeatedly used the treasury for her own purposes. Her palaces, gardens, and expenses are considered too expensive and expensive in the context of China on the verge of bankruptcy. The most famous was the grand banquet ordered by her to be held for 7 days and 7 nights, which took place on Tet in 1874 at Duy An Palace on the occasion of welcoming Western ministers, which consumed 400,000 taels of gold in the national treasury.

5 harbingers foreshadowing the doom of the Qing Dynasty: Event 1... creepy!  - Photo 5.

Not to mention, Empress Dowager Cixi is also known as one of the most fearsome female rulers in feudal China’s history when killing without fear. She is said to have forced Emperor Hieu Triet Nghi to commit suicide, poison Emperor Quang Tu with arsenic, or is suspected of being involved in the shady death of Concubine Tran. by Quang Tu.

Indeed, despite being famous for being intelligent, but due to her limited vision, lack of knowledge about international situations, as well as being too conservative, cruel, and wasteful, Empress Dowager Cixi “contributed” to the cause. The Qing dynasty perished.

The stories above are considered harbingers of the inevitable end of a rotten dynasty like Dai Thanh at that time. It is essentially the result of a rotten politics, where the wealth in the world is mainly concentrated in the hands of visiting cliques and courtiers.

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