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Japan investigates the cause of the shipwreck that killed 11 people

Japan has launched a search and rescue operation for the sinking cruise ship Kazu 1. (Photo: AP)

Cruise ship Kazu 1 sank off the coast of Japan’s Shiretoko peninsula on April 23.

The move by Japanese authorities is to investigate whether the company operates the Kazu 1 in accordance with the law and carries out proper maintenance.

The ship went missing on April 23, a few hours after departing for a tour of the Shiretoko peninsula, known for its rugged coastal scenery and wildlife. Media reported that the company operating the ship called to report that Kazu 1 was on the surface of the water and lying at a 30-degree angle, shortly before contact was lost.

When the accident happened, the ship was carrying 26 passengers and crew, including 2 children. According to Kyodo news agency, on the morning of April 25, Japan confirmed one more death, a 3-year-old girl, bringing the total number of people killed in the accident to 11 people and still searching for the remaining 15 people.

Japan investigates the cause of the shipwreck, killing 11 people - Photo 1.

The search and rescue operation of the sunken Kazu I cruise ship was deployed both in the air and on the sea. (Photo: AP)

Japan’s Transport Ministry sent officials to the scene on April 24 to coordinate operations. Japan’s Minister of Transport Tetsuo Saito also arrived at the scene of the incident shipwreckcalled for all possible measures to be taken, including determining how the accident unfolded.

The search continued on April 25 with aircraft and patrol boats. Japanese media confirmed, local fishing boats from the port of Utoro have also been mobilized. Searchers have been walking on steep cliffs along the coast.

The Japan Coast Guard said it is difficult to say exactly what happened to the ship until more evidence or debris is found.

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