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Donald Trump sends a “snake warning” to President Putin

Donald Trump declares American power, sends

Former US President Donald Trump issued a “solid” warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: Getty

Billionaire Donald Trump asserted that America’s nuclear weapons are more powerful than Russia’s, and issued a stern warning to President Vladimir Putin.

President Putin has put Russia’s nuclear arsenal on “high alert” just two days after a special military operation in Ukraine began, raising fears that hostilities will develop into conflict. Global.

Speaking to TalkTV, former US President Donald Trump warned that “Russia would cease to exist” if the US deployed its arsenal.

Mr. Trump said: “President Putin uses the word ‘nuclear’ too much. He talks about it every day, it scares everyone… When he sees them scared, he uses it even more. “.

He continued: “Our power is greater than Russia. If the US uses all of its military capabilities, Russia will disappear. But we do not want to talk about that.”

Mr. Trump called the hostilities “terrible”, adding: “We will be ashamed of what we did or did not do to prevent this disaster. This is how a conflict is. The Great Global Begins”.

According to RT, so far, the Russian leader has never directly threatened to use nuclear weapons to deal with the West. However, in a speech to launch a special military operation in Ukraine in February, Putin warned any force that “deliberately stands in the way of Russia” will face consequences “that they have never seen before”. throughout history”.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on April 25 that the United States is likely to impose more economic sanctions on Russia because of the hostilities in Ukraine. “No one is safe from our sanctions,” she stressed.

Washington also promised to reopen its embassy in Kiev soon, as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Foreign Minister Antony Blinken visited the Ukrainian capital and praised the country’s success in the fight against Russian forces.

Both say their ability to go to Kiev is proof of Ukraine’s persistence in forcing Moscow to abandon its assault on the capital last month, while also promising more aid to fight the army. Russia is currently trying to advance in eastern Ukraine.

“What you did in repelling the Russians in the battle in Kiev is extraordinary and inspiring to the rest of the world,” Mr. Austin said.

Blinken added: “The reason we are back is because of you, because of the extraordinary courage, leadership and success you have had in repelling the Russian campaign.”

US officials said they would commit a new $713 million aid package to the Zelensky government and other countries in the region.

An additional $322 million in military aid to Ukraine would bring Washington’s total security assistance to Kiev since the start of the operation to about $3.7 billion.

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