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Son Tung M-TP released a new song with 100% English, foreign language people asked at the same time

On the evening of April 28, Son Tung M-TP officially came back with MV There’s No One At All. In the new song, Son Tung transforms into a boy who had a difficult childhood when he was an orphan and raised in an orphanage. Finally, you It caused controversy when he let this character kill himself by jumping.

Ignoring the meanings behind the song or the quality of the song, the MV, one thing that makes the audience equally interested is the fact that Son Tung sang 100% in English. However, when listening, many people who specialize in English are forced to admit that… can’t hear any foreign language words.

Some comments on Son Tung’s English singing performance:

– “Son Tung sings in English but still can’t hear any words”.

– “Who is good at English, please comment whether Tung sings clearly and pronounces correctly. But I can’t comment. The color of the MV is also nice and neat, but the music is a bit difficult to hear.”

– “A 6.5 IELTS kid like me doesn’t understand what he’s singing, needs to see the topic. But he has a pretty invested look. As for the music part, it needs experts to evaluate”.

In another development, there are also many opinions that in fact, English when singing and English when communicating normally cannot be exactly the same. Even xIn all fairness, Son Tung M-TP pronounces English quite well every syllable, tone, and charisma. This has been proven through the interaction with fans before the release of the MV.

However, like many other music products, Son Tung sings quite quickly. This leads to the result that it will be difficult to hear that the male singer is singing in English, even though his foreign language pronunciation is quite standard. Many fans also joked that “it’s hard to hear when singing in Vietnamese, but when singing in English, you can’t hear the words clearly”. In Europe, this is also the inherent style of Son Tung for a long time, not only this comeback!

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