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4 foods known as natural birth control pills

If you are trying to have a baby, it is best to limit your intake of these 4 foods, because they contain substances that make it more difficult for you to get pregnant.

In fact, in nature, we always come across interesting opposites, such as there are foods that heat the body, but there are types that are cold, cold inside.

Similarly, you must have heard of medicines and foods consumed a lot that will help men increase their vitality, support women to be able to quickly pregnant. But you’ve probably never heard of foods dubbed “natural birth control pills”.

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As the name suggests, if you consume these foods regularly, your chances of getting pregnant will decrease due to the effects of their ingredients.

However, because few people know about this, some couples are looking forward to having children but are never satisfied just because they regularly eat them.


Pickles are great for stimulating the taste buds and bringing about a good appetite, but this food is not for couples who are preparing to become pregnant.

This is because pickles contain nitrites, which will reduce the quality of sperm in men and eggs in women, so it’s best not to eat a lot while trying to get pregnant.

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Hawthorn not only can add nutrients to the body, but it also helps support digestion very well. When women are on “red light”, eating hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation and eliminating blood stasis, effectively relieving menstrual pain. Therefore, this can be said to be the best dish for women.

However, hawthorn is a cold food after all, eating too much can cause uterine contractions, making it harder for you to get pregnant.

Even while pregnant, eating hawthorn regularly can still make the fetus unstable. Therefore, women who want to become pregnant should eat less hawthorn or try not to eat.

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According to some experiments, it has been found that men who eat a lot of celery vegetables will inhibit the production of testosterone, which in turn has the effect of killing sperm and reducing sperm count.

Healthy young men who eat celery for many days will have a significant reduction in sperm count, even difficulty conceiving, this situation will return to normal a few months after stopping eating celery.

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Acoholic drink

Alcohol and other alcoholic beverages have ethanol as the main ingredient. This substance can increase the concentration of catecholamines in the body, cause blood vessel constriction, testicular hypoplasia, even testicular atrophy.

Ethanol also affects the structure of male spermatogenesis, the secretion of testosterone and other male hormones is not enough, causing men to have feminine manifestations such as high voice and large breasts.

Such people are very susceptible to male infertility, even if they give birth, the next generation is also prone to deformities.

In women, ethanol can cause irregular periods, amenorrhea, variations in egg production, loss of sex drive, or cessation of ovulation.

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