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Thailand’s ‘underwear angel’ regains shape after giving birth

Actress Chompoo Araya practiced rigorously to regain her slim body after more than a month of giving birth to a daughter.

On his personal page on May 1, Chompoo Araya posted a photo of a body-hugging sports suit, working out at the gym. Many fans praised her fast recovery, unlike giving birth 31 days ago. Others reminded the star not to exert herself, but instead to eat enough, the body needs to be a little fat to be healthy enough to take care of a newborn baby.

Thai lingerie angels get back in shape after giving birth

Chompoo Araya has attracted the audience’s attention when showing off her body on her personal Instagram in recent days. Image: Instagram Chomismaterialgirl

According to Thairaththe 40-year-old beauty is one of the few Thai stars who has a “eating soul”, loves milk tea, cakes… Therefore, she always has to balance her diet while being able to enjoy “gut” dishes. , while persistently exercising to ensure enough milk to feed the baby and the necessary body measurements for work.

Currently, she still maintains a contract to be a brand representative for nearly 20 brands of all fields, including some luxury fashion brands. A beautiful, toned body is an advantage that helps her wear many styles, from sexy to active. The businessman husband – billionaire Nott Visrut – support all decisions, preferences of the wife. He even often buys snacks and sexy clothes for his wife.

Chompoo Araya lifting weights

Beautiful people practice lifting weights, maintaining a supple body. Video: Instagram Chomismaterialgirl

Chompoo Araya real name Araya Alberta Hargate, born in 1981, has two bloodlines Anglo – Thai. She has a talent in singing, starts a modeling business and is the “darling” of lingerie firms in the early 2000s. In the acting field, the beauty is marked with movies. The fight with the mistress, Killer Code, Strawberry Garden of Love, Love tricks… She is also a familiar guest at Cannes, Paris fashion week (France), Milan (Italy), New York (USA).

The star topped the list of the best-paid female stars in the country, earning revenue from advertising, singing, acting in movies and attending events. Chompoo also won the title “Sexiest actress in Thailand” from 2007 to 2014.

She dated Nott Witsarut Rungsisingpipat – heir to Thailand’s largest lighting equipment empire – in 2009, married in 2015. In 2018, they welcomed twin son, commonly known as Thunder (Thunder, real name Saifah Rangsisingpipat) and Storm (Storm, Bhayu Rangsisingpipat). On March 30, the actor gave birth to daughter Abigail.

Chompoo Araya's splendid wedding

Chompoo and Nott Visrut’s wedding 2015. Video: Narakorn

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