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The Thai press is not satisfied with Madam Pang’s explanation about Thailand U.23

According to the sheet SMMSPORTthe fact that Thailand U.23 with the most powerful and best viewed force in history is still soon eliminated in the group stage of the Asian U.23 group as well as Madam Pang’s preparation plan needs to be reconsidered.

Sheet SMMSPORT suppose, I think, U.23 Thailand with 2 consecutive tournaments including SEA Games 31 and U.23 Asia was carefully calculated by female billionaire Madam Pang (Nualphan Lamsam) as the detailed planning team leader. However, disappointment follows disappointment.

The Thai press is not satisfied with Madam Pang's explanation about Thailand U.23 - photo 1

Madam Pang (middle)


After the defeat in the 31st SEA Games final, Madam Pang encouraged the Thai U.23 players to get up and see the Asian U.23 tournament as a lesson to look to the future. The players gave their best but were soon eliminated, despite playing very hard in the defeat to Korea U.23.

However, according to the SMMSPORT this is completely consolation, because Madam Pang once promised at the Asian U.23 will be the best Thailand U.23 team in history. The team will show the desired level after summoning a series of players from abroad.

The composition of Thailand U.23 at U.23 Asia is completely superior to that in SEA Games 31, and is also prepared, despite the hasty transition from coach Mano Polking to Worrawoot Srimaka. But this is the plan that was planned before the SEA Games.

However, matching the number of new players from abroad with stars from the team such as Kritsada Kaman and Suphanat Mueanta, as well as the number of players from the 31st SEA Games has become a real problem. After the opening match drew U.23 Vietnam 2-2 with an equalizer in stoppage time, “War Elephants” had more days to prepare and perfect their play to win against Malaysia U.23 3-0 to create a great faith. But soon they had to receive disappointment when they lost to Korea U.23 0-1 and were eliminated.

The Thai press is not satisfied with Madam Pang's explanation of Thailand U.23 - photo 2

U.23 Thailand (left) with the strongest force still shows many limitations

Phuc Thang

Coach Worrawoot Srimaka only explained in the key match against Korea U.23, Thailand U.23 suddenly missed many pillars because of the situation. health lead to defeat. But according to the sheet SMMSPORTthis also shows that the Thai U.23 force is too disparate even though there are many expected names in the squad, especially in attack when Suphanat Mueanta can’t play, other foreign stars can’t prove it. perform as desired.

Sheet SMMSPORT Also assessed, Madam Pang and the Thai U.23 coaching staff after the defeat at the 31st SEA Games and the early elimination in the group stage of the U.23 Asia need to have a satisfactory explanation and draw lessons from the experience. real experience, so that you can prepare better in the following tournaments. In the immediate future, the goal is to get tickets to the 2024 Olympic Games, along with specific plans for players of Thai origin and from abroad to regularly participate in the new team to create new momentum for the team. football this country.

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