“U23 Vietnam must also know who Indonesia is”

28-year-old veteran midfielder Marc Klok is a naturalized Dutch-born star Indonesia from November 2020. He is one of three overage players selected by coach Shin Tea-yong to join the Indonesian U23 squad to fight at the 31st SEA Games.

Most recently, Marc Klok shared with the media that he was eager to debut at the SEA Games and was determined to bring Indonesia U23 to win over host Vietnam. According to Klok, all the Indonesian players are in good shape.

“The coaching staff provided us with training materials on the opponent’s tactics. At the moment the whole team is in good shape to compete and can’t wait to win. All everything was prepared from Korea before the tournament started”, naturalized midfielder said.

The Indonesian U23 naturalized star declared:

Marc Klok was excited about the competition with U23 Vietnam.

Marc Klok admits he is completely blind to the power of U23 Vietnam. He only knew that coach Park Hang-seo of the “golden star warrior” was Shin Tae-yong’s senior. However, this midfielder reminds U23 Vietnam not to underestimate the Indonesian U23 team.

“I don’t know much about Vietnamese players but I understand their coach is from Korea and their squad quality is very good. They also want to win because they can play at home in front of millions of fans. But we are focusing on our goal in this tournament to win and fight the U23 Vietnam team. We want to declare that Vietnam must also know who Indonesia is.”

In addition, the Dutch-born midfielder also emphasized that his goal is to help Indonesia U23 win a gold medal at the 2021 SEA Games. Marc Klok is one of three players over 23 years old to be brought to the 2021 SEA Games besides the other two names. Fachruddin Aryanto and Ricky Kambuaya again.

Indonesia U23 team will face U23 Vietnam at 19:00 on May 6 at Viet Tri Stadium, Phu Tho. Their opponents in the remaining Group A include U23 Timor Leste, Philippines and Myanmar.

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