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Drinking beer makes you happy, beautiful and healthy

According to Panorama, here are 5 “golden” benefits of beer to help you live healthy every day.

Beer reduces the risk of heart disease

In 2021, a study on the effects of beer on the heart. The results are impressive, the beer is really good.

Specifically, if drinking about 1.5 to 2 glasses of beer per day will reduce the risk of heart attack. Even people who have had a heart attack before can expect to live more than 20 years if they drink beer regularly in the right amount.

So those who already have heart disease, drinking beer is not a bad choice to live healthy every day.

Nourishing beer

According to a study in the American Journal of Medical Sciences, beer is more nutritious than wine because beer contains more protein and B vitamins than alcoholic grape juice.

Moreover, beer also contains antioxidants that help the body fight many types of chronic diseases live healthy every day.

Live healthy every day: Beer not only makes you happy but also more if you know how to drink - Photo 1.

Beer has been proven to reduce stress, improve mood and make you happier… Photo: Unsplash

Beer makes bones stronger

Most people are told that milk strengthens bones, but in reality, beer has the same effect as milk to help strengthen bones, to live healthy every day.

The reason for this is due to silicon, an important ingredient for stronger bones. And this silicon is found in beer, cereals and chickpeas.

Beer helps to smile more beautiful, live happily, live healthy every day

Dentists often talk about the importance of brushing and flossing, but never about the importance of a cold beer.

A new study shows that even the lightest beer has a positive effect on teeth, because beer helps eliminate bacteria that cause tooth decay and inflammation.

So, don’t forget to treat yourself to a beer this weekend!

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