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Mac and iPad help Apple dominate the PC segment in early 2022

PC and tablet sales in the first quarter of 2022 fell 3%, but Apple remained unaffected thanks to the line of Mac and iPad computers that continued to attract users.

According to the latest report from market research company Canalys, global sales of devices are still increasing despite the impact of the pandemic. Covid-19. Apple continues to dominate the global tablet market despite a 2% drop in sales.

Mac and iPad help Apple dominate the PC segment in early 2022

Apple overtakes Lenovo as the largest PC maker world


In the first quarter of 2022, Apple sold 14.9 million iPads compared to 15.2 million in the same period last year. Samsung ranked 2nd globally and also decreased 2%, reaching only 7.8 million units sold (the first quarter of 2021 reached nearly 8 million).

In the market PC In general (including desktop computers, notebooks/laptops, tablets), the No. 1 position still belongs to the “Giant” in Cupertino (USA) after successfully dethroning Lenovo. Apple sold 22.3 million PCs in the first quarter of 2022, up 1% year-over-year. Meanwhile, Lenovo suffered a 12% decline and only sold 21.1 million units globally.

“Although the number of units sold in the first quarter decreased, the demand for tablets is still strong. In fact, the market has witnessed the eighth consecutive quarter of business to achieve larger sales than the fourth quarter of 2019, the time right before the outbreak of Covid-19. Looking further, the market will continue to face new pressure from supply due to the impact of the conflict between Russia – Ukraine as well as the blockade order related to Covid-19 cases in Vietnam. China‘, said Canalys analyst Himani Mukka.

After the first quarter of 2022, Apple holds 18.8% of the global PC market share, 1% higher than Lenovo’s 2nd place. HP ranked third with 13.5%, followed by Dell (11.7%) and Samsung (7.4%). This ratio may change in favor of Apple when the company is expected to launch the MacBook Air line of computers later this year. redesign as well as generation iPad Prothe new basic iPad.

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