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The “fated” predestined relationship of Ha Thanh Xuan and the giant Koi fish

Read 60 articles about his wife before “holding the saw”

Ha Thanh Xuan Born in 1988 in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. She has been in love with art since the age of 17 and once attracted attention at the “Ho Chi Minh City Television Singing” contest in 2005. In 2010, she moved with her family to the US to settle down and collaborate with a number of entertainment centers. great wisdom here.

In the past few days, the 34-year-old singer’s happiness in a great event has received a lot of attention and attention from the public. After a short time with his husband Thang Ngo (born in 1975) – who is known as the “King of Koi fish in Vietnam”, they became married with a magnificent and luxurious wedding in Vietnam. Nam, held on 2/5 last.

In addition to the luxury of playing Koi fish and being the director of the most famous Koi fish brand in Vietnam, his husband Thang Ngo is also a famous supercar player in Saigon.

Talking about his predestined relationship with his 13-year-old wife, giant Thang Ngo confided in the wedding party: “The love between me and Ha Thanh Xuan is really predestined, due to a certain arrangement of fate.” .

The fateful predestined relationship of Ha Thanh Xuan and the giant Koi fish - Photo 1.

It is known that the acquaintance of Ha Thanh Xuan and the giant Thang Ngo began in April 2021 through the introduction of a friend. At that time, the businessman and his ex-wife had agreed to divorce, and Ha Thanh Xuan was single.

However, at first, the two were not very enthusiastic about this relationship. Ha Thanh Xuan has never even known Thang Ngo’s nickname “King of Koi fish”, and the businessman is somewhat shy “people in showbiz”. Therefore, the two missed the meeting before the female singer returned to the US.

However, after a while of self-studying information about Ha Thanh Xuan, Thang Ngo gradually fell in love with her. He quietly became a “hard fan”, silently watched and “dropped” each live stream of Ha Thanh Xuan on social networks. Then he persistently texted and talked to her for a month.

From a person who “didn’t pursue anyone for more than 3 days”, he became a “hard fan”, not afraid to “drop his heart” on each of Ha Thanh Xuan’s singing livestreams, persistently texting and chatting with her for more than a month.

“Honestly, I never thought I would meet a singer before. I searched for Ha Thanh Xuan’s name on the internet myself and read up to 60 articles about her.

Since then, I discovered that my wife is a special woman with many differences, so I wanted to find out. After understanding it well, I decided to officially pursue and know Ha Thanh Xuan because I believe in my wife”, Thang Ngo shared at the wedding party.

Although only chatting with each other via video call, in two places “half a world” apart, Ha Thanh Xuan and Thang Ngo both feel that this is half of their life.

Sharing on Dan Tri, the businessman admitted: “I am a person who rarely smiles, it is difficult for anyone to make me laugh, but when I talk to Xuan, the time I smile is equal to my whole life.” It was also thanks to Ha Thanh Xuan that he gave up the habit of smoking.

It was not until March 2022 that the couple officially met. Because they understood each other before, it didn’t take them too long to fall in love and decided to become husband and wife.

In April 2022, Thang Ngo proposed to Ha Thanh Xuan and she agreed. In May 2022, their wedding officially took place in the blessing of many close friends.

The fateful relationship of Ha Thanh Xuan and the giant Koi fish - Photo 2.

Happy moment of Ha Thanh Xuan and her husband at the wedding party.

“Happy couple smiling”

In Ha Thanh Xuan’s eyes, her husband is a successful, emotional and interesting person. The female singer impressed businessman Thang Ngo by her intelligence, ingenuity and typical characteristics of Asian women.

Because the wedding was held on her birthday, Ha Thanh Xuan touched her personal page: “The day I turned 34 years old is also the day that marks the most important milestone in my life.

Now I have a strong shoulder to lean on, a soulmate to share all the happy and sad moments, ups and downs in life. Please allow me to be the happiest girl on my special day.”

And after the grand wedding party was held, the singer revealed the special feelings of the couple: “The couple woke up laughing all day today, because they were so happy and full of the day. last night’s wedding! Thank you to everyone who played with me and my wife yesterday.”

It is known that after marrying the giant Thang Ngo, Ha Thanh Xuan will not “follow her husband to give up the game” but continue her singing career.

“I am passionate and my artistic path to this day is to be loved by the audience. It is already in my blood.

Mr. Thang told me: “When I see you on stage, I understand that it is your happiness. And I always support”. I will still continue my artistic path, but will also rebalance to help my husband with business problems”, the singer born in 1988 shared on the happy day.

The fateful relationship of Ha Thanh Xuan and the giant Koi fish - Photo 4.

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