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Sunday, May 8, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

Many foods when combined are very good, but should not be stored together. Because, next to each other they can spoil and even change the taste.

Apples and oranges

Apples contain ethylene gas, so when apples and oranges are placed next to each other, ethylene gas will make the oranges ripen quickly and easily break down. Therefore, it is recommended to store apples and oranges in two different compartments or put oranges in a mesh bag for separate storage.

Apples and oranges may seem like “best friends,” but these two fruits should not be stored together in the refrigerator.

Pumpkin and pear

According to Boldsky, in apples and pears there is a gas called ethylene, which makes vegetables ripen faster, so if you combine pumpkin with apples and pears, it will make the pumpkin yellow and spoil faster.

The best temperature to store pumpkins is from 10-13 degrees Celsius and can be stored outside, large pumpkins can be preserved for 6 months, small ones can be stored for about 3 months.

These foods absolutely should not be stored together: Number 5 many people have - 1

Certain foods should not be stored together. Illustration.

Watermelon and apple

As mentioned above, there is ethylene gas in apples, so if you keep apples and watermelons together, the ethylene from apples will cause the watermelons to smelt and spoil quickly. Leave the apples and watermelons fresh. For a long time, before putting them in the refrigerator to preserve, we should wrap each fruit with cling film and then put it in the refrigerator, so both watermelon and apple stay fresh longer.

Banana and cucumber

Like apples and watermelons, bananas and cucumbers are also fruits that contain ethylene gas, so they need to be stored separately to avoid spoiling other fruits. Therefore, before putting bananas and cucumbers in the refrigerator, we can use food wrap or food containers to put bananas and cucumbers in, then store them in a separate compartment in the refrigerator and remember to Keep bananas and cucumbers separate.

Potatoes and Pumpkin

Similar to apples, cucumbers, bananas, onions also contain ethylene gas, this gas will make potatoes ripen quickly and easily sprout, making squash quickly damaged.

We should store potatoes, pumpkins in crates and crates and keep them in a cool and dark place to keep them fresh longer. Do not leave them in places with high humidity as this will both cook potatoes and pumpkins faster. As for onions, we can preserve them with garlic.

Ripe avocado and banana

If your avocado is not very ripe, you can store it with the banana. The gas released from bananas can help your avocados ripen faster. If you need to store avocados for a long time, you should store them in the refrigerator to slow down the ripening process of avocados. If you just want to cut up a few slices of avocado without eating the whole fruit, you can leave the rest of the avocado and the seeds intact in an airtight container along with a piece of onion.

Grapes and mango

Grapes are a very difficult fruit to preserve. Because it does not tolerate any other nearby fruits or vegetables. Mangoes give off too much ethylene gas and ripening and rotting happen faster.

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