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The risk of water shortage overshadows the world

That is the warning made in the latest study by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. By page Daily Mailthe team created an index to measure and predict water scarcity in key agricultural sources, including soil, rain, irrigation systems, and rivers.

Over the past 100 years, the world’s water demand has grown twice as fast as the global population growth. Therefore, the aforementioned research group also warned that water scarcity is a problem for the agricultural sector on every continent, posing a major threat to food security.

The risk of water shortage covers the world - Photo 1.

Lake Powell’s water levels are falling to a record low due to increasing water demand and climate change Photo: REUTERS

In the United States, water shortages have become a major headache in many drought-stricken areas. Earlier this week, US officials announced rare steps to maintain hundreds of millions of cubic meters of water at Lake Powell as a prolonged drought and climate change bring reservoir levels in the region to a halt. The sector fell to a record low.

Powell is an artificial reservoir on the Colorado River in the two states of Wyoming and Arizona.

According to the radio CNNdrought conditions worsened over the past week in much of the Southwest and South America, exacerbating the water crisis, making wildfires more severe in some states.

High winds, high temperatures and low humidity over the next few days will make a major wildfire in New Mexico state worse, Forest Service officials said on Thursday.

This fire has lasted for more than a month and forced thousands of people to leave their homes. In Florida, at least 37 wildfires are still burning, of which 26 are under control.

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