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Hot: Female teacher and 2 small children are missing, ask colleagues to “goodbye” to family members

09/05/2022 15:19 GMT+7

On the afternoon of May 9, talking to PV Infonet, Mr. Nguyen Tien Chuc – Chairman of the People’s Committee of Cam Van commune (Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province) said that the local functional forces are urgently looking for Ms. VTHT and her two children. The boy disappeared when he went to the riverbank.

According to Mr. Chuc, at about 9 a.m. on May 8, Ms. VTHT (born in 1991, residing in Cam Van commune; preschool teacher) put her 9-month-old daughter in a stroller and took the 2-year-old baby out of the house. .

At that time, Ms. T’s relatives thought that she took her children out as usual, so the family did not notice. However, at about 10 o’clock on the same day, Ms. T’s family was shocked to receive bad news from a colleague who had moved in.

Hot: Female teacher and 2 small children are missing, ask colleagues to “goodbye” to family members
The functional forces are urgently searching for the mother and daughter of Ms. T. on the Thai Binh river.

“Message T sent a message to a colleague at 9:15 on May 8 and asked to pass it on to her family. Ms. T also texted her colleagues: “If there is a next life, I will still be a sister and a good colleague.”… Next, Ms. T also asked a colleague to pass it on to her biological mother with the content: “Grandma is tired of playing with me, you and I go first…”.

Not only did she ask her colleagues to send messages to her mother, but Ms. T also sent messages to her sister, brother, etc. in completely different message content. For the younger sister, Ms. T wrote: “My sister and I went out to play…”so we hope that Ms. T doesn’t commit suicide,” Cam Van Commune Chairman informed.

“After the incident, relatives reported to the local authorities. Receiving the news, I and the local functional forces rushed to the scene, discovered the slippers and the phone on the riverbank. From the riverbank to the water surface about 2m high, we saw a small slip and there were footprints of people going down to the water surface and no footprints going in the opposite direction”, Mr. Chuc added.

Although there is no doubt about the fake scene, the family and local authorities still hope that the incident is not a suicide, but that Ms. T can go out somewhere.

“At this time (May 15, 2020 – Reporter) no trace of the victim has been found. The authorities are still urgently trying to implement measures to find victims such as dropping nets and diving all over the river. However, due to the wide Thai Binh river, high winds, and fast flowing water, the divers faced many difficulties…”, Mr. Chuc said.

According to Mr. Chuc, if it was true that Ms. T had committed suicide, perhaps by now the body would have floated to the surface.

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