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Many Vietnamese beauties are wearing a super chic and elegant short hairstyle

When you need to refresh your beauty in a spectacular way, most women will “cut” their long hair and switch to short, gentle hair. Knowing that, but not every girl can “locate” the most stylish and fashionable short hairstyle. This summer, there are a few short hairstyles “on the throne”, which are applied by many fashionable ladies. Not to mention, there are layered short hair, pixie hair and another classic short hairstyle, which is the basic bob.

Bob hair is no stranger to women. However, from late spring and early summer, bob hair suddenly became a phenomenon because it was promoted by many Korean beauties, especially the female leads and supporting women in the series of hot hit movies. Going to Vbiz, this summer, bob hair is also applied by many Vietnamese beauties, such as the following 4 beauties.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc

As it turned out, this was an extremely wise choice of the pearl girl. The flat-tailed bob hairstyle has exalted Lan Ngoc’s sharp facial features, and at the same time increased the personality and freshness of the owner. And although the age-old “hacked” bob is very effective, it must be recognized, this option still keeps Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc elegant and luxurious.

Ha Tang

A special feature of Ha Tang’s style is that although it is very simple, it always brings interesting surprises. Ha Tang’s hair style also retains this spirit. When switching from shoulder-length hair to a basic bob, Ha Tang made people flutter before every photo she posted. The bob hairstyle fits perfectly with the elegant temperament and sophisticated fashion style of a mother of three. Not to mention, bob hair also helps Ha Tang look a few years younger. To upgrade her luxurious look, Ha Tang often wears earth-tone lipstick and gold earrings.

Huyen Lizzie

Character image of Van Trang (Love the Sunny Day) by Huyen Lizzie left a deep impression on the audience. And in addition to fashion style, bob hairstyle is also an important factor to perfect the character’s shape. With a bob hairstyle, Huyen Lizzie exudes personality and fashion. The actress also dyed brown to make her look more stylish and youthful. With this basic hairstyle, Huyen Lizzie applies an elegant office-standard style, a youthful style, or a luxurious and glamorous set of clothes is suitable.

Tran Tieu Vy

Following in the footsteps of senior Do My Linh, Tran Tieu Vy also switched to short hair after the end of the Miss term. The bob hairstyle is very suitable for the luxurious beauty of the post-Gen Z girl. Tieu Vy even made friends with the most difficult version of bob hair, which is straight straightened hair, neatly parted. However, Tieu Vy’s beauty only sublimates, not decreases in form.

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