Law amendment, proposal to increase health insurance premiums

Proposing to increase the premium rate with household health insurance. Illustration.

The Ministry of Health has just sent for comments from relevant ministries and branches the revised draft of the Law on Health Insurance (first draft).

The bill still basically keeps the maximum health insurance premium at 6% of the current salary, but adjusts the household health insurance premium. Specifically, the household health insurance premium payment rate for the first person is up to 6% of the base salary, from the second person onwards is 80% of the premium rate of the first person.

While according to the current law, for the group participating in household health insurance, the maximum contribution rate for the first person is 6% of the base salary (according to Decree 146/2018/ND-CP, the specific contribution rate applies is currently 4.5% of base salary), but from 2 people onwards, it gradually decreases. Specifically, the second person pays health insurance equal to 70% of the contribution rate of the first person, the third person pays 60%, the fourth person pays 50%, and from the 5th person onwards, it is 40% of the first person.

If the above regulation is approved, the household health insurance premium rate for the first person will remain unchanged, but the second person will increase by 10%, the third, fourth and fifth person onward will increase by 20%, 30%, and 20%, respectively. 40% of the current rate.

Regarding the level of benefits, the bill drafting committee proposes to reduce the enjoyment of health insurance payments for some groups of subjects from the current 100% to 95% (article 27), including: People with meritorious services to the revolution, veterans; children under 6 years old; recipients of monthly social security benefits; people aged full 80 years or older; poor households; ethnic minorities living in disadvantaged areas; people living in extremely difficult areas, island communes, island districts; relatives of meritorious peopleā€¦

Regarding benefits, the Bill adds a number of medical examination and treatment services covered by health insurance, such as: Preventive treatment of diseases; tools and means to support functional rehabilitation; periodical antenatal care; screening before and after birth, diseases transmitted from mother to child; screening and early diagnosis of chronic diseases; Periodic health examination; medical examination and treatment at home for the elderly and seriously disabled people; nutritional products for premature babies, severely malnourished children…

The current base salary is 1.49 million VND/month, according to Decree 146/2018/ND-CP, the household health insurance premium for the first person is equal to 4.5% of the base salary, equivalent to 67, 05 thousand VND/month (more than 804 thousand VND/year);

The second person has more than 46.9 thousand VND/month (more than 563 thousand VND/year, equivalent to 70% of the premium for the first person);

The third person pays 40.23 thousand VND/month (more than 482,000 VND/year, equal to 60% of the first person);

The fourth person pays more than 33.5 thousand VND/month (more than 402 thousand VND/year, equal to 50% of the first person);

The 5th person onwards only has to pay 26,82 thousand VND/person/month (more than 321 thousand VND/year, equal to 40% of the first person).

According to Le Huu Viet

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