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Nghe An: The teacher suspected that the 3rd grade girl was bruised because she did not know the lesson

11/05/2022 14:50 GMT+7

While bathing her daughter, the mother discovered many bruises on her daughter’s shoulder blades and back. After asking questions, I said that because I did not know the lesson, I was beaten by the teacher.

On May 11, Ms. Tran Thi P. (28 years old, living in hamlet 5, Dien Yen commune, Dien Chau district, Nghe An) said that she was bringing her daughter NTD. (student of grade 3H, Dien Yen Primary School 1) went to a hospital in Vinh city for a checkup due to many bruises on his back and shoulder blades.

Nghe An: The teacher suspected that the 3rd grade girl was bruised because she did not know the lesson
Pictures of the shoulders and back area of ​​Ph. bruises. (Photo: FB)

According to Ms. P., last night (May 10) while bathing her nephew Ph., she discovered that there were many bruises on her son’s shoulder and back. Before that, when he came home from school, he complained of pain but did not tell his mother. After asking questions, he said that because he did not know the lesson, he was beaten by the teacher.

Right after that, Ms. P. reported the incident to the Board of Directors of Dien Yen 1 Primary School. According to Ms. P., the teacher beat Ph. is the homeroom teacher named Tran Thi HM

“I have reported the incident to the school principal. Last night (May 10), the principal and homeroom teacher came to my house to apologize”, Ms. P. said.

Mr. Mai Ngoc Long, Head of Education and Training Department of Dien Chau district confirmed: “It is true that such a thing happened. We have now grasped the incident and asked the school to report it in detail.”

Regarding school violence cases, recently, a math teacher in Thai Nguyen was also angry and pulled a student’s hair during class because he didn’t study, did not do homework, and freely roamed around. disorderly, affecting the classroom. The incident caused a stir in public opinion by the lack of restraint and standard behavior of the teacher.

Talking about this incident, Master Ha Thai Huong – Hanoi National University of Pedagogy 2 said that the unbridled actions of teachers not only affect the quality of teaching and learning but also have negative consequences on the learning environment. road, reducing the society’s trust in the education sector.

“With the goal of fundamentally and comprehensively innovating education and training, the Ministry of Education and Training has been directing schools to effectively implement the provisions of the Code of Conduct in Schools; focus on positive discipline education, problem-solving skills, conflict resolution in the relationship between teachers and students, between students.

The Ministry also promotes research and application of models “Building respectful and equal relationships in schools”, “Building safe and friendly schools”; provide students with cultural behavior skills, create a healthy learning environment, and equip students with online behavioral skills.

In addition, improving the quality of teachers and educational administrators, focusing on the role of role models of administrators and teachers in terms of ethics, lifestyle and behavior is also important. especially important role,” said Master Ha Thai Huong.

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