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Optimizing the operation of the finance and banking industry with virtual robots

With the goal of moving towards a comprehensive digital economy, the banking and finance industry is always a pioneer in implementing IT into the digital transformation roadmap, including akaBot’s automation solution to increase labor productivity and improve quality. service quality and improve customer experience.

Keeping up with the trend of digitalization

The issue of human resources and work performance is a difficult challenge for many businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, in which global credit institutions and businesses in the financial and banking sector also have headaches. in improving and optimizing operational processes. Digital transformation is not only a trend but also a solution, a strategic direction to help businesses transform, quickly recover and respond to market challenges and opportunities.

HDBank is one of the first banks in Vietnam to invest in technology and pioneer in the wave of digital transformation proposed by the Government. Recently, HDBank has focused on the strategy of collaborating with leading technology partners in Vietnam and abroad, looking for breakthrough IT solutions to put into practice, including akaBot solution. (FPT Software) – virtual robot solution to automate business processes. As a result, HDBank has operated a new, scientific, systematized, technology-based way of working in all aspects of its operations to focus on customers, serve, and aim for the highest overall efficiency.

Optimizing the operation of the financial and banking industry with virtual robots - Photo 1.

HDBank applies virtual robot akaBot solution to automate business processes

Increase customer satisfaction rate to 80% when applying RPA robot

The problem HDBank wants to conquer is the systematization of the back-end block operation process (internal block), promoting the digital transformation thinking and culture of HDBank people. Therefore, the bank focuses on liberating human labor by automating repetitive manual tasks and processes.

Through the research and evaluation process, HDBank selected akaBot’s RPA virtual robot automation application into the operations of the operation block from June 2021. Up to now, HDBank has successfully applied 6 typical processes: (1) automatic processing of input data; (2) automatically correct data errors if any; (3) automatic checking of money transfers; (4) automatic cross-checking of employee attendance data; (5) automatically resolve inquiries from Customer Service Center and (6) automatically approve CITAD transactions.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Dung, Standing Deputy Director of Digital Transformation Center – HDBank, shared: “When comparing and evaluating solutions on the market for the purpose of operational automation, akaBot impressed us when the solution was developed by a team in Vietnam, able to meet the requirements of the customer. technical requirements as well as having a lot of experience in implementation for internal banking processes and operations”.

Optimizing the operation of the financial and banking industry with virtual robots - Photo 2.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Dung, Standing Deputy Director of the Digital Transformation Center – HDBank highly appreciated the results that the RPA robot solution brought to the Bank’s Operations Division.

After successfully applying the virtual robot, a representative of HDBank said that the akaBot solution has brought a lot of value to the bank, as evidenced by the numbers. The RPA robot operates 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted service, 30 times faster transaction processing speed than usual and 100% reduction of backlogs, thus, the highest level of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction when using services at HDBank increased significantly to 80%.

It can be seen that HDBank’s technology strategy of applying RPA akaBot robot solution has been successful in improving customer experience and contributing to enhancing user loyalty to the brand. Besides, RPA helps free employees from boring tasks and save time on more important and creative tasks.

It is estimated that the akaBot solution has reduced the workload of the Customer service department by 30%. Overtime is becoming less common, helping banks save costs and improve employee satisfaction.

With the advantage of digitization technology, Mr. Dung also commented on the explosion of application of automation solutions thanks to the obvious efficiency and results and in the near future will push to the level of hyper-automation Hyperautomation. , specifically, systems that self-assess, interact, and make decisions without human intervention.

Renovating operation processes and improving services on the basis of digitalization are efforts to make a difference of Vietnamese banks in recent years with the goal of serving and giving customers the best customer experience. the best, so that customers feel secure and satisfied with the quality of service. Accompanying on the way to digital transformation in the banking and financial sector, akaBot solution is committed to being a leading prestigious partner and actively contributing to the development plan of the business.

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