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6 “chill” items indispensable when traveling to the sea

1. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are one of the “unseparable” items with you on your beach trips

Not only protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun, sunglasses also help elevate your style, making you more stylish, “cooler” instantly. There are countless styles of sunglasses to suit different faces such as: mirror glasses, round glasses, plastic-rimmed glasses, cat-eye glasses… you can choose according to your preferences and face shape.

2. Sedge hats

Like sunglasses, hats are not only sun protection items but also a plus point for your look and style. Travel suitcases are limited and can’t carry many things, so between a series of items such as caps, bucket hats, etc., the sedge hat will be the most worthy item for you to bring. Not only bearing the sound of summer trips, the sedge hat is also beautiful and easy to coordinate, helping you to get the best virtual live photos.

3. Bikinis


Suitcases for trips to the blue sea are definitely indispensable for a few bikinis to help you show off your eye-catching curves.

Just mentioning summer, people will not stop thinking about the brilliant sea scene with hot girls. Therefore, when a beautiful girl in a sexy bikini posing on the beach will make people unable to take their eyes off.

If you like privacy, classic one-piece swimsuits with a deep cut or sporty silhouette are best. In contrast, bold girls, possessing slim bodies, have countless other options with cut-out one-piece swimsuits, hip cut, knitted straps, or extremely “eye-catching” two-piece bikinis. It will help the owner show off his full figure.

4. Skirts

Afraid to mix clothes but still want to have magical photos, the trendy one-piece dress will be your savior. Just wearing skirts with striking colors, with flying textures, you will have a really luxurious and sophisticated look, guaranteed that the virtual live photos are also “fascinating”.

5. Slippers


Not only trendy, but flat sandals are also convenient for beach trips because of their compactness

When traveling, do not forget to equip an extra pair of flat sandals in your luggage. These sandals are both comfortable and convenient to use, whether wearing a personality or a trendy outfit, your outfit will also have a more “blue sea and white sand” sound thanks to the presence of flat sandals.

6. Drinks that “freeze” the hot sun

If sunglasses, sedge hats, bikinis, one-piece skirts, sandals are essential accessories in the “live heat”, Chill Cocktail is an indispensable element in the reunion with the golden sun and the blue sea. .

A beach party with a cool chilled Chill Cocktail, awesome music and good friends will be indispensable highlights.


With a perfectly balanced taste, Chill Cocktail blows away the summer heat, increasing the “heat” of the fun.

Always the first choice in parties thanks to its mild aroma, balanced sour-sweet taste and especially refreshing aftertaste, Chill Cocktail is even more popular in summer parties or outdoor BBQ parties. the beach, helping to release the body from the heat.

Back to the sea, just “preserve” this stylish drink, the hot sun is hot or hot, you are still full of energy to throw your best, check-in every corner with your friends.

With careful preparation and these “unseparated” items, you will be able to fully enjoy the romantic beaches and become a stylish girl on your vacation!


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