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Russia cuts power to Finland

Russia suspended electricity supply to Finland after RAO Nordic announced that the supply would be cut off due to debt payments.

“Supply is at zero, electricity from Russia has been cut off since midnight as planned,” said Timo Kaukonen, director of planning at the power transmission network operator. Finland Fingrid, May 14 announcement.

RAO Nordic, a subsidiary of Russian energy group Inter RAO, yesterday announced it was forced to stop importing electricity from Russia because it has not received payment since May 6.

RAO Nordic said this was a special situation for the first time in the company’s 20-year history, but did not confirm whether this was related to the European embargo against Russia.

Finland imports electromagnetics Russia Over the past 20 years, this supply has accounted for about 10% of the Nordic country’s electricity. Fingrid leaders said that the company will make up for the shortfall in electricity after Russia stops supplying it by importing more from Sweden.

Power lines near Fingrid's Lansislmi substation in Vantaa, Finland.  Photo: YLE.

Power lines near Fingrid’s Lansislmi substation in Vantaa, Finland. Image: YLE.

However, Finland decided to gradually reduce the amount of electricity it imports from Russia after the neighboring country launched a special military operation to “demilitarize and de-fascist Ukraine”. Fingrid in April regulated the maximum amount of electricity imported from Russia to be 900 MW, instead of 1.3 GW as before.

Finland in early May suspended the Hanhikivi-1 nuclear power plant construction project with Russia’s Rosatom corporation. The Finnish side believes that the project is increasingly behind schedule and events in Ukraine exacerbate the risks.

Finnish newspaper Iltalehti on May 12, citing unnamed sources, said that the country’s key politicians were warned about Russia. can cut gas a day later.

However, a spokesman for Gasgrid Finland, which operates the Nordic country’s gas supply system, confirmed on May 13 that there were no signs of any disruption to the flow of gas from the Nordic country. Russia.

Tensions between Russia and Finland recently escalated after the Nordic country expressed its desire to join NATO. Finland’s leader on May 12 announced that the country “must apply to join NATO immediately”. Russia has warned that it will consider Finland and neighboring Sweden “targets of attack” if it joins NATO.

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