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8 beautiful flowers help attract very good fortune

Lotus flower

Although living in the mud, the lotus does not lose its purity, so this flower symbolizes perfection. In Chinese medicine, the lotus has a very good healing effect, from the roots to the petals are used as raw materials for medicines.

The concept in feng shui holds that the arrangement of flowers will help the house to add vitality and have a harmonious beauty, and at the same time bring abundant health to you.

Cherry blossom

This flower symbolizes the energy of new beginnings, bringing a feeling of freshness and purity. In terms of feng shui, cherry blossoms support love and marriage, and are said to be good for health.

Flower fortune

Phong Loc flower (also known as pineapple candle picture) is red, loves light, and is loved by many people. In feng shui, this flower is said to bring luck and fortune to you and your family.

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Magnolia flower

Placing a pot of magnolia in the house will help the house become lively and full of life. This flower has good feng shui value, is often planted in front of the house with the desire to attract fortune and luck, to help promote fame and money like water. The magnolia flower also represents the nobility and nobility of the owner.


This flower is a symbol of fortune, joy, health, happiness and longevity. Each flower color has a different meaning. The golden gerbera represents happiness, while the white flower represents purity, and the red flower represents passionate love.

auspicious flowers

Cat Tuong is a flower that symbolizes luck, youthfulness and full of health. In terms of Sino-Vietnamese meaning, the auspicious flower also represents luck and well-being. Although not brilliant in color, this flower still exudes nobility, sweetness, and affection.


This is also a beautiful flower, symbolizing wealth, nobility as well as human talent and sublimation in work. According to feng shui, daffodils bring positive energy, helping you to be more successful in your career.

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Many people often put a pot of daffodils in the living room to remove evil spirits, attract prosperity to the family, help members study and have successful careers. In feng shui the most used is the white daffodil.


This flower has many different colors such as yellow, white, purple …, symbolizing wealth and wealth. Planters think that displaying orchids in the house is a way to attract wealth and pray for the family. Many people put orchid pots indoors and out on the balcony with the hope of having a lot of luck in life and career.

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