ACB launches preferential account package 1- 0

ACB launches preferential account package 1- 0 - 2: Smart financial solutions for young people - Photo 1.

Preferential account package 1 – 0 – 2 with a youthful spirit, bringing specific benefits, focusing on adding value for young customers such as 1 minute of instant trading account, 0 remittance fees and withdraw money from ATMs of all banks nationwide, 2% cashback on spending at supermarkets and convenience stores.

ACB’s 1 – 0 – 2 preferential account package is a smart financial solution for young people who pursue a modern lifestyle and want to have an efficient way of spending but still retain their own “quality”. themselves in a society that is being “digitized” continuously. Specifically, participating in the 1 – 0 – 2 preferential account package, customers will experience:

• Open an online account at ACB in 1 minute with 100% Online account opening technology with eKYC and Video Call Face Identity features. As soon as the customer successfully opens an online account, the utilities will be activated immediately so that the customer can make quick and instant transactions such as money transfer, bill payment, online savings. Preferential interest rates are higher than at the counter up to 0.85%/year… and especially, there is no limit on account transaction limit according to customers’ needs.

• Enjoy the benefits of NO FEES such as: granting a beautiful account number, card annual fee and especially online money transfer, ATM withdrawal at all banks nationwide. ACB also does not require initial minimum balance for customers participating in this Offered Account Package. ACB is currently the pioneer bank in the market to apply free ATM withdrawals to all banks.

• Enjoy 2% cashback for transactions at supermarkets and convenience stores, 1% for all remaining transactions when paying with ACB Visa Debit card connected to the account package. Especially, welcome customers to open new ACB Visa Debit card, ACB will refund an additional 50,000 VND/time for 4 transactions at supermarkets or convenience stores from 100,000 VND within the first 30 days of card opening. Annual fees or regular refunds in spending, if accumulated smartly and in the long run, will bring a significant savings. This is an effective personal finance management method recommended by many financial advisors.

ACB launches preferential account package 1- 0 - 2: Smart financial solutions for young people - Photo 2.

Ms. Tran Thi Thu Nguyet – Deputy Director of ACB’s Science and Technology Division – said, “We have designed the 1 – 0 – 2 preferential account package to fully and diversely meet the needs of dynamic and young people. love the experience on the digital platform, use useful promotions to help them save money, time and effort. In finance, banks apply more technology, suitable for each customer segment because we expect all ACB customers, regardless of age, will have the best experience from the way they serve. to the processes and transactions on the bank’s digital platform”.

ACB launches preferential account package 1- 0 - 2: Smart financial solutions for young people - Photo 3.

ACB is confidently entering the “digital transformation” race of the banking industry with a comprehensive transformation of its separate operating and business models to attract more customers with simple “digital” processes.

To enjoy the preferential account package 1 – 0 – 2, please visit HERE; or to ACB branches/transaction offices nationwide; or contact Contact Center 24/7: 028 38247247

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