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Free visa for Vietnamese tourists who register for the Korean tour

Vietravel organizes a 6 day 5 night tour to Korea, with a visa-free program, to help visitors enjoy an interesting summer.

Tour all in one including Seoul – Nami island – Everland park – Seorak mountain for 27.99 million VND, departing on July 1, 5, and 9. Representative of Vietravel, besides free visa, visitors participating in the tour also have the opportunity to receive 50 gifts from the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

In this tour, visitors will have the opportunity to explore modern Seoul, have fun at Everland outdoor park, enjoy beautiful scenery in Seorak mountain park, relax at Nami love island, watch Nanta Show.. with many unforgettable experiences.

Nami Island

Nami is about 60 km from Seoul, like a giant “leaf boat” lying peacefully on the Cheongpyeong River. The entire center of the island is a green lawn of 260,000 square kilometers, with rows of old trees, chestnuts and birch planted everywhere mixed with colorful flowers, captivating many guests.

Nami Island impresses with its lyrical natural scenery.  Photo: Shutterstock

Nami Island impresses with its lyrical natural scenery. Image: Shutterstock

Nami Island is also the filming location of the movie Winter Sonata famous all over Asia. Coming here, you can walk hand in hand with your lover to admire the beautiful scenery around, ride bicycles under a row of leafy trees, or chat on wooden benches of the park… many theme parks and a family-friendly picnic spot. Nami often appears in love scenes, romantic wedding frames, but now becomes a dating place for couples in love, delighting in checking-in and posing with the camera…

Seorak Mountain National Park

Seorak is located in Gangwon Province, recognized by UNESCO as an ecological conservation area of ​​the world. The beauty of Seorak changes with the four seasons and in any season of the year, visitors also feel the beautiful nature. Take the cable car to the top of Kwankumsoeng to see a panoramic view of the magnificent mountains and forests from above, you will see the green Cheonbuldong valley, the straight pine forest in the distance, and the deep serrated mountain ranges. in the mist…

Green natural scenery in Seorak mountain national park.  Photo: Shutterstock

Green natural scenery at Seorak mountain. Image: Shutterstock

On the legendary Seorak mountain range, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the sacred Sinheungsa ancient temple. Tongil Deabul Sang Buddha statue in bronze 14.6 m high, weighs 108 tons, placed in the middle of the temple yard as bringing peace to the world. The scent of agarwood blends in the sound of afternoon bells, visitors can feel the sacredness of the Buddha’s door. The journey through the jagged stone roads, lined with pine trees, the murmuring stream, breathing in the fresh air of summer, visitors will find their souls peaceful and refreshing.

Explore the capital Seoul, indulge in entertainment and shopping

Unlike the romantic Nami Island, the flashy capital Seoul is one of the favorite destinations for many tourists. Visitors will in turn discover the Gyeong Bok palace with more than 500 years of history – a place that preserves the golden architecture and heritage of the Joseon Dynasty; Stop to take souvenir photos at the Presidential Palace (Blue House), visit the national museum…

Nanta Show with fun dancing performances gives visitors an unforgettable experience.  Photo: Shutterstock

Activities at Everland amusement park. Image: Shutterstock

In addition, visitors also visit Everland amusement park, experience thrilling games. And don’t forget to visit the famous ginseng shop in Seoul, shop at the amethyst store, enjoy ginseng chicken stew…

Korean nutritious ginseng chicken stew is loved by many tourists.  Photo: Shutterstock

Korean nutritious ginseng chicken stew is loved by many tourists. Image: Shutterstock

In particular, in this journey, visitors will fully experience Korean culture with Nanta Show – a unique art program by funny chefs performing. “Nanta Show with fun dancing performances, skillful cooking skills, combined with impressive light and sound effects. This show also has many humorous exchanges for visitors to enjoy moments of comfort. “, a representative of Vietravel shared.

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