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HoSE re-announced proprietary trading data, are stocks sold abnormally?

According to statistics from data analysis company FiinGroup, 4 sessions (from May 17-20), while VN-Index recovered, self-trading net sold 604 billion dong, only for matching order sold net 731 billion dong. The stocks that were sold the most with matched orders were VIC, MSN, VHM, VNM, and GAS. In contrast, this group was a net buy: STB, REE, GMD, PNJ, HSG.

Meanwhile, domestic organizations (excluding self-employed) are the strongest net sellers among the groups Investors Last week with a net selling value of 980 billion dong, for order matching alone, they net sold 899.9 billion dong. Top net buying stocks MWG, FPT, HSG, DGC, VHC. They sold the strongest matching orders DIG,FUEVFVND, VHM, HPG, VNM.

Foreign investors switched to a slight net selling position of VND 142.39 billion above HoSE. For order matching transactions alone, they net sold 92 billion dong. Top foreign stocks with matched net buying this week included food and chemical stocks including DPM, MSN, VNM, DCM, and VHC. In contrast, this group with the strongest net selling was still HPG, besides, there were SSI, VIC, and VHM this week.

Individual investors were the only net buyers in the week when VN-Index recovered, worth 1,727 billion dong on HoSE. For order matching alone, they net sold 1,732 billion dong. They bought the strongest order matching SSI, HPG, VIC, STB, VHM. Individual investors who sold the most matched orders were DPM, DCM, VHC, GMD, FPT.

Last week, VN-Index recovered, but the liquidity “backwards” to the lowest level of 1 year (excluding weeks with public holidays). The average trading value of both order-matching and put-through trading on HoSE was 13,580 billion dong, down 10.4% compared to the previous week.

According to SHS securities company, in terms of technical analysis, there is certain support for the market’s recovering trend with the VN-Index regaining the threshold of 1,200 points in the past week.

Market valuation is still at an attractive level for long-term investors with P/E of VN-Index and VN30 only around 13 times, lower than the average of the last 5 years. And if we calculate the forward P/E (forecast) for 2022, the valuation becomes even more attractive.

From the perspective of MBS securities company, the stock ended the week with a recovery from the world market, and is likely to have a rally next week with improved liquidity compared to the past 5 sessions.

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