Mass vaccination for monkeypox is not necessary

According to Richard Pebody, an expert leading the WHO European high-risk disease response team, effective measures to control the outbreak are contact tracing and isolation, noting that this is not the case. a virus that spreads easily, and so far has not caused a serious situation. The vaccine used against monkeypox can have some significant side effects, he added.

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Currently, the supply of vaccines and acute antiviral drugs is relatively limited and the cause of the outbreak is still unknown. But scientists say it is unlikely that the monkeypox virus has mutated. On May 23, the German government said it was evaluating options for widespread vaccination, while Britain announced monkeypox vaccination for some health workers.

Public health officials in Europe and North America are investigating more than 100 suspected and confirmed cases of monkeypox virus. According to initial research, although not all, but most of the monkeypox patients in the new epidemic are men who have sex with men. At the current rate of the outbreak, many experts fear large events and parties this summer could make the outbreak worse.

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