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VN-Index reversed spectacularly to the green with an increase of 14.57 points

VN-Index reversed spectacularly to the green with an increase of 14.57 points - Photo 1.

The green color returned to the market thanks to the pull of banks, securities…

The VN-Index started today’s session (May 24) with a fluctuating movement. In the first half of the morning session, the index was still struggling around reference with low trading value.

By 9:30 am, the money flow into HoSE was less than 1,000 billion dong. Two securities codes “Vin” were the two factors that “overwhelmed” the market when VIC made the VN-Index decreased by 0.7595 points and VHM decreased by 0.9763 points.

At nearly 11am, VN-Index suddenly increased sharply to 6 points and closed the morning session with 1,225.25 points, up 6.44 points (0.53%).

HOSE had 189 gainers, 212 losers. The main index gained cautiously with very low trading value, only 5,851 billion dong with 230 million shares changing hands.

The VN30 basket increased by 10.86 points (0.87%) to 1,266.21 points with 17 advancers and 12 decliners.

HNX-Index increased 0.66 points (0.22%) to 301.32 points. UPCoM-Index decreased by 0.73 points (0.78%) to 92.9 points.

Entering the afternoon session, the situation became quite negative, sometimes dropping more than 14 points to move back to 1,203 points before selling pressure took place on a large scale, especially steel codes.

However, towards the end of the session, a strong breakthrough in securities and banking codes helped the market reverse to gain.

Accordingly, VN-Index closed up 14.57 points, stopping at 1,233.38 points thanks to large-cap stocks such as MSN, GAS, VNM, BCM.. gaining strongly. In which, the highlight was VNM, which gained 3.92% after the previous 3 declines with a trading volume of over 2 million units.

It is also impossible to ignore the contribution of the banking group when simultaneously increasing prices such as VCB, CTG, VPB, TCB or MBB, in which STB also hit the ceiling price.

The increase in the banking group today is likely to come from the news that the National Assembly agreed with the Government to extend the application of Resolution 42 on dealing with bad debts. This is expected to continue helping the banking group have another positive business year…

The securities group also had a remarkable session today with a strong increase in large-cap codes such as SSI, VND, HCM, and VCI.

VN-Index reversed spectacularly to the green with an increase of 14.57 points - Photo 2.

The group of old-timers strongly influenced the market on May 24th session

Contrary to the above groups, today’s steel sheet group plays the “villain” of the market with the focus on HPG shares of Hoa Phat Group.

From the end of the morning session, HPG suddenly recorded a strong sell-off after unfavorable information from the shareholder meeting. This stock was even sold to the floor price of 34,200 dong in the afternoon before recovering in line with the general trend.

At the end of the session, HPG dropped 5% to 34,900 dong, down 40% compared to the same peak and the lowest level since April 2021. Selling pressure caused the liquidity to skyrocket to 42.2 million shares, 4 times higher than the first session of the week.

The selling pressure spread to the whole group of corrugated iron stocks, causing the red color to spread, some large codes hit the floor price at some point. At the end of the session, TIS dropped 6.3%, NKG and VGS dropped 5.5%, SMC lost 5%, HSG dropped 4.5%…

At the end of the session, VN-Index reversed spectacularly to the green with an increase of 14.57 points (1.2%) compared to reference to advance to 1,233.38 points. The whole HoSE floor had 224 gainers and 210 losers.

On HNX, HNX-Index also reversed to increase 5.3 points (1.76%) to reach 305.96 points. The whole floor had 95 gainers and 97 losers.

However, UPCoM-Index decreased by 0.51 points (0.55%) to 93.12 points. The whole floor had 101 gainers and 158 losers.

Market liquidity was similar to yesterday with the total matched value slightly increasing by nearly 2% to 14,228 billion dong. In which, the total trading volume on HoSE reached 528 million shares, equivalent to 13,410 billion dong, slightly inched compared to yesterday. In fact, if we calculate the matching value, today it is still slightly lower than the previous session (over 12,000 billion dong).

The positive point today is that foreign investors returned to a positive net buying position with a value of more than 230 billion dong. The focus of this group mainly focused on banking stocks and fertilizers – chemicals.

Specifically, on HoSE, foreign investors bought with a volume of 39.07 million units, equivalent to a total value of 1,240.85 billion VND, up 19.72% in volume and 32.91% in value. compared to the previous session (May 23).

On the other side, this block sold 40.5 million shares with a value of 1,044.97 billion dong, down 5% in volume and 23.7% in value compared to the previous session.

Thus, foreign investors net sold 1.43 million shares, down 85.76% compared to the previous session. The total value was a net buying of 195.88 billion dong, while the previous session was a net selling of 436.05 billion dong.

On the HNX, the total value was a net buying of 3.13 billion dong, while the previous session was a net selling of 3.49 billion dong.

Transactions on the UPCoM market, foreign investors net bought 1.33 million shares with a total net buying value of 28.77 billion dong, down 61.54% in volume and 65.42% in value compared to previous session.

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