Medici Insurance Leader Camp 2 – Experience professional leadership training

Comprehensive training program, from changing mindset to motivating action

Leader Camp is a series of weekly Leadership Training activities, organized by Medici Insurance, enabling excellent members to receive intensive training, capacity building and connection with the national system. The 2nd Leader Camp revolves around the theme: “Setting Goals – Motivating Action”, built on one fact: In order for consultants to reap significant results, they must know how to set goal, build a roadmap, push yourself and the team to continuously move towards that goal.

Coming to the 2nd Leader Camp program, Medici Insurance members have access to methodical goal setting models: Wheel and tape measure of life, SMART Model, MAEP Formula, MACC Formula to have can map out a clear destination both in the short and long term for his career. Members also have the opportunity to then practice right in real situations, applying theory to daily work.

Not only is it an experience of knowledge and skills, Leader Camp 2 also brings about changes in mind, when attendees experience activities to find passion, arouse potential, practice gratitude, from there can work with the mindset and enthusiasm of the leader. Team spirit is also tightened through thrilling team building activities on the beach, group discussions and competitions, so that each member has a teammate, together moving towards the set goal.

Professional organization scale, worthy experience for worthy people

Training is a familiar activity for insurance consultants, but Medici Insurance’s Leader Camp has demonstrated a high level of leadership training. The program is held at a 5-star hotel located on one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, My Khe, Da Nang, with a system of leading modern facilities and training halls, creating favorable conditions for the success of the event. the most comfortable and comfortable learning and exchange environment. The Gala Dinner was also held with a large-scale stage and music, with a solemn honoring ceremony for the members with the best business results.

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The program is led by the team of Medici Insurance Academy, with many years of training experience at large insurance companies such as FWD, Prudential, following a comprehensive and professional training pipeline that can “turn an Ordinary Person Become a businessman”. More specifically, the program also welcomed the guest lecturer, Mr. Hoang Ngoc Thinh – Senior Sales Director of FWD Vietnam Agency, also directly participating in the sharing class.

The next Leader Camp will be held by Medici Insurance in Nha Trang in August, expected with a larger scale of attendance, which will certainly create changes in leadership awareness as well as create more motivation for the team. develop more and more sustainably and successfully.

About Medici Insurance

Medici Insurance is an Insurance Brokerage Company licensed by the Ministry of Finance, a subsidiary of Medici, Technology Health and Insurance Group, funded by leading regional investment funds including Insignia Ventures Partners, Wavemaker Partners and Jungle Ventures.

As a brokerage company, distributing insurance products, Medici Insurance trains and builds a system of Insurance Consultants, putting the interests of customers as the focus, depending on the protection needs, invest or finance, but objectively search and advise on insurance products from many different providers for customers.

Medici Insurance also applies technology in training, supporting the team, digitizing procedures to help carry out insurance operations faster and more efficiently. Not only that, with the advantage of being in the special Technology Insurance – Health ecosystem, Medici Insurance constantly launches programs to care and improve the health of its customers as well as its members.

Medici Insurance has its headquarters in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and is constantly developing and expanding its office system across the country. For more information, please contact hotline 19003434 or visit website:


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