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Van Lam, Quang Hai practice for the fight against Afghanistan

Goalkeepers Van Lam and Quang Hai stood out in the “courtyard” training session of the Vietnamese team to prepare for the friendly match with Afghanistan.

Before the first training session of the Vietnamese team, goalkeeper Dang Van Lam moved from Japan to Vietnam and promptly played with his teammates. Van Lam was very excited because the goalkeeper had not been able to meet Coach Park Hang Seo and his teammates for a long time.

The last time Dang Van Lam got Coach Park Hang Seo The summons is for the Vietnamese team to be a guest on the field of Japan, the last match of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers at the end of March. However, that match, the Viet Kieu goalkeeper was only allowed to enter the field in the last 5 minutes.

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Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam has been back in Vietnam for almost a year

“Actually, I am very happy to return to Vietnam and stand with my dear teammates. It has been 3 months since I have been able to play for the Vietnamese national team. Besides, I feel happy when I return to Hanoi. This is a place that holds many memories for me.” Van Lam said.

In addition to Dang Van Lam, this is also an emotional training session for Duy Manh when he returned after fully recovering from a shoulder injury from the 2022 World Cup qualifier in Asia.

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The players practice very excitedly

Midfielder Quang Hai because he has not gone abroad to play, he still participates. Last time, after parting with the Hanoi club, the player wore the number 19 shirt thanks to the Can Tho club to maintain his fitness.

Meanwhile, former striker Nguyen Anh Duc appeared on the field with a new role as assistant coach Park Hang Seo. Mr. Park’s favorite student has time to do training, so he can catch up with the team’s work very quickly.

nguyen anh duc 1290
Former striker Nguyen Anh Duc

At this gathering, because most of them are old players, Coach Park Hang Seo did not need much time to frame the squad and prepare for the gameplay. With just a few practice sessions, Quang Hai and his teammates were able to shape the way of play, ready for the duel with Afghanistan on June 1.

Team Vietnam had 2 days of practice at the Vietnam Youth Football Training Center before moving to Ho Chi Minh City on May 28 to prepare for a friendly match with Afghanistan.


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