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The 150m2 ancient house on stilts in Hoa Binh has a large verandah, a monolithic stone bath

After many years of hunting and collecting ancient wooden houses of the Muong people in Hoa Binh, Mr. Le Hong Kien owns an admirable collection of ancient houses.

In addition to restoration, he included modern functions so that his extended family could live together on a piece of land.

He shared: “I am especially fascinated by these works, some of which are hundreds of years old, bought in the highlands, difficult to move. The wood material and technique of making houses of the ancient people are quite unique, after many years there is not a bit of termite or mold. In the summer, it is quite cool, in the winter, pulling the curtains and making a fire by the stove is warm and comfortable.

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The landscape around the stilt house has both spiritual elements and cool resort elements. The ecosystem is diverse, with hundreds of flowers blooming, attracting bees, butterflies and birds to nest.

Stilt house 2 floors, 150m2 wide in Luong Son (Hoa Binh) is one of the apartments that he loves and devotes a lot of effort to restoring.

He was fortunate enough to buy this house from a principal of a primary school in Da Bac district. This is the highest district of the province.

Structural works built of concrete and wooden frames, wooden doors, wooden roofs and tiles… To bring the frame home, he wrapped it up and used horses and cows to transport it. Before that, he had to complete the procedures to apply for a permit to dismantle and move from the government and the forest ranger agency.

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The clean, seasonal vegetable garden is vast, enough to provide for the family all year round. All are organically grown by Mr. Kien, planted and improved with probiotics.

The first floor is used as a kitchen space, drinking tea, with a large veranda, and at the same time blocking the sun and rain, a spacious ancient brick yard for children to play and organize folk games on holidays, Tet or when large family gathering. In addition, the first floor also has 2 comfortable bedrooms, with a monolithic stone bath.

The second floor has a large bedroom, which is also a common living space for the whole family. This part he kept the original, just added a bed. From here, you can see the mountains and the garden growing clean vegetables for 4 seasons.

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The house is hidden behind the green trees.

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The yard is paved with antique brick, non-slip, moldy and easy to clean. This courtyard is the place for outdoor parties or when the family has a job, it can accommodate 10 dining tables.

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Wooden veranda with handrails has exquisite and beautiful turnings. On a hot day, just pull the curtain down to reduce the heat inside.
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Mr. Kien uses lamps with bamboo and rattan lampshade and earthen statues to decorate according to personal preferences.
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The 2nd floor space is kept original, only decorated with new furniture.

The sleeping area has a view overlooking the garden and rolling hills.

1st floor bedroom with open garden entrance. The air in Luong Son is cool and fresh, so every morning when he wakes up, Mr. Kien and others are always full of positive energy.

Two bathrooms on 2 floors. Each room has a large soaking tub, serving the needs of the homeowner to soak in traditional medicine and herbs when they need to relax. The monolithic stone bathtub is polished and polished by Mr. Kien, ensuring it is safe to use. This type of tub used in the summer is especially cool and comfortable, while using hot water to keep heat for a long time.

The kitchen is simple, U-shaped, convenient for cooking simple dishes, and when needing a large, crowded party, Mr. Kien will use another kitchen.

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