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Hanoi detected 285 people with COVID-19 on May 28

Newly detected patients are distributed in 113 communes, wards and townships in 28/30 districts, towns.

Some districts and districts recorded many patients during the day such as: Dong Anh, Ha Dong, Hoang Mai, Dong Da, Nam Tu Liem.

Thus, the total number of cases in the capital over the past 1 year has exceeded 1.6 million, including 1,336 deaths.

According to a report by the Hanoi Department of Health, up to now, the city has nearly 81,600 cases under treatment and monitoring (a decrease of more than 600 cases compared to yesterday), of which 98 are being treated at hospitals. (up 6 cases compared to the previous day) and more than 81,400 follow-up cases at home.

Regarding vaccination against COVID-19, by the end of May 25, the whole city has injected more than 18.4 million shots; in which, nose 1 reached 98.9%; nose 2 reached 96.4%; additional shots reached 100%; Repeated injections reached 95.6%.

As for vaccination for children, from the afternoon of April 16 until now, the city has deployed the first dose of vaccination for 170,770 children from 5 to under 12 years old. In addition, currently the rate of 1st injection for children from 12 to 17 years old is 100% and the 2nd dose is 99.9%.

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