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Amber Heard is proposed to after losing the lawsuit

10 moments Amber Heard arrived in court. Clip: Law&Crime Network

According to Gulf News, a few days after losing a defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard received a marriage proposal from a man from Saudi Arabia. This person sent a voice message to Heard saying “I’m better than that old man (only Johnny Depp) anyway”.

“Amber. All doors are closed to her and no one but me wants to take care of her. I noticed that someone hates and bullies her so I decided to marry her,” this person said.

The man who proposed to Amber Heard also prayed for the favor of the two people because Amber Heard is a good person, but no one appreciates it. “I’m better than that old man anyway,” this person added.

Amber Heard was proposed to after losing the lawsuit - Photo 1.

Amber Heard lost a lot of things after losing the lawsuit against Johnny Depp. Photo: Getty.

In just three days, this marriage proposal had more than 100,000 views. Amber Heard has not yet responded.

Amber Heard is also facing a fake account to solicit donations. A woman named Kimberly Moore raised funds on GoFundMe and said she wanted to help Heard because the actress had no money to compensate Depp 10.35 million USD.

“I believe Amber Heard and social media are protecting abusers. She can’t afford to pay fines. Please help Amber Heard,” the campaign’s description read.

However, this fundraising campaign has many signs of fake. The fundraising account that donated to Heard was also deleted because of multiple users reporting it.

Amber Heard was proposed to after losing the lawsuit - Photo 2.

Amber Heard spends time with her daughter after losing her lawsuit. Photo: @amberheard.

Follow TMZ, This campaign has nothing to do with Amber Heard and the legal team. Page GoFundMe appeared more and more fake accounts based on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lawsuit.

After the lawsuit, Amber Heard’s attorney confirmed to Today that the actress didn’t have enough 10.35 million USD to compensate Johnny Depp. Most likely movie star Aquaman must file for bankruptcy to escape the penalty.

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